Pokémon Go! – I Choose You, Review!

At long last, 90s kids will become Pokémasters. Pokémon Go! released the evening of July 6th and it has already been downloaded more times than any other app on both iOS and Android. 

In my short time playing, two things occurred to me: first, the app is getting people OUTSIDE, and WALKING. People are exploring places in their hometowns they may have never thought to visit. While they may still be on their phones, the augmented reality (using the camera) allows people to snap photos of where they’ve found every Pokémon. Environmental immersion. Some will lead to interesting locales. Others, not so much. For instance, I found a Golbat in the men’s room at a local Wal-Mart. Glamorous!

The second thing I noticed was the community; So many of Generation Y adored Pokémon are now getting to “live” their childhood and we are all connected to each other through this app. And the best part is we are all getting along. A rare occurrence in the gaming community. To me, these two things alone make this app a smash hit.

However, it has not come without its issues. Being so in-demand, unfortunately the app server load has been unable to handle such high traffic and throngs of users have reported being unable to logon, or have been kicked off. Others were unable to load the catch scenes when running into certain Pokémon. All of these (sans server capacity) should be fixed with a future patch, but as of this review, no patch has been announced.

Another black mark on Pokémon Go!’s record, is the fact that it is NOT available for Windows devices. Perhaps this was a development oversight, perhaps not. While Windows is the foremost operating system for most PC’s, its mobile counterparts don’t exactly see much usage, which could be why the developers chose not to program for said OS.

As I have yet to battle, visit a Pokéstop, or even a gym, I am refraining from giving the app any sort of definitive score. I will however say, I am most looking forward to exploring my town and seeing what I can find.

Tony Marinilli

Tony is a passionate and devoted gamer who studies, examines, and enjoys all aspects of games from narrative, script, and score, to character development, and of course, gameplay and graphical quality. He enjoys Action/Adventure and RPGs like Last of Us and The Witcher, respectively. He writes about a myriad of topics within the gaming community, including but not limited to: reviews, focus pieces such as sexism within the industry and general news surrounding gaming as a whole. If reading about hot topics and enjoy engaging conversations about games, Tony is your go-to guy. When he is not at work, writing, or eating, Tony can be found playing games.

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