Dream Sheet – Borderlands 3 Playable Characters

In anticipation of this years upcoming E3, or the simple hopes of an announcement from Gearbox, I can’t describe how much I would like to see some form of detail for a new Borderlands title.

The main characters have always been key to the games, and it’s always great to hear of new ones. A key formula to the Borderlands characters is that all of their abilities are mimicked and built upon with each iteration in the series. Axton’s abilities are built on Roland’s, and fine tuned with a little more variance, just as Zero has the same Hunter/ Sniper type build as Mordecai. While we wait for more characters to be announced though, why not imagine the characters for the next title. Be warned, I do dive a little into each character’s origins and lightly touch on their involvement in the story. So, obligatory spoilers ahead.

The Watcher (Eridian)

The Eridians are the mysterious alien race that has been a constant throughout the Borderlands series. After mysteriously vanishing, their technology fueled the space race for humanity, almost literally changing it overnight. Their structures litter the surface of Pandora, and their guardians always stand prepared, ready to defend the delicately hidden vaults throughout the galaxy. While the Eridians themselves are still gone, The Watcher has made an appearance in an attempt to stop Handsome Jack; and now for another reason not yet known.

While we don’t know too much about them, the little information we do have could give us some insight into the Watchers abilities. We know he can use Telekinesis and has some form of foresight – being able to see into the future. In this case, the telekinesis is what would be used most likely. Being able to stop the bullets of enemies would be cool, but with a little variance, he could sling them back as well. Something along the lines of what happened in “The Matrix” movies. One of his skill trees could focus on infusing the caught ammunition with elemental or explosive effects, while another could change the ability altogether. One tree could allow The Watcher to use the same abilities the Opha’s had; creating small puttis to defend or attack the same way Wilhelms Wolf and Saint drones helped during combat.

Tiny Tina

Anyone who knows Tiny Tina absolutely loves her. She’s an insane pre-teen obsessed with explosives, and has the imagination to rival even the most creative of children. Sold to Hyperion at an early age by bandits, she managed to escape with the help of her, now deceased, family. Now, she helps the Vault Hunters in her psychotic quest for revenge.

Tinas ability could literally be an absolute toss-up. The only thing I could actively compare her to would be Clap-traps .exe program. None of his abilities are the same, and are usually triggered by what the situation is and how chaotic. The use of her Badonadonks, two stuffed animals strapped to missiles, would be an interesting ability. On the other hand, she could have an ability that closely mimics Gaige. Rather than summoning Deathtrap though, you would instead be greeted by none of than Sir Reginald Von Bartlesby. I can’t say much for the skill trees, but watching Sir Reginald hulk out into a Badass Varkid would definitely be worth it.

Mr. Torgue

Mr Torgue is the Chairman of Torgue, a gun manufacturing company. Losing his parents at a young age due to an explosion, he set out to master the idea of explosions. In doing so, Torgue Corporation does not create normal weapons. Ideally, the weapon with the biggest explosion is… well, the best weapon. Known for being extremely loud, energetic and packed full of pec muscles, it would only makes sense for Mr Torgue to take the role of the newest heavy in the next Borderlands entry.

Torgues fascination for explosions makes his abilities pretty easy to determine. Hit that power button and he could pull out a coveted Torgue shotgun that literally shoots missiles. If you continue to upgrade that skill tree, the missiles could either heat seek, explode into smaller clusters or even start to use constant singularity that would throw the enemies off balance as the missile careened toward its intended target. I also know that Torgue hates lasers so much, that it would be terribly hilarious to see a skill tree that changed some of his abilities characteristics to something a laser would do. Until eventually, he just started firing off a laser. Of course, an explosive laser though, because EXPLOSIONS!? Every skill tree has a neat title underneath, and this one would definitely be considered the ‘Love Hate Relationship’.    


NOTE: This contains end game spoilers for the TellTales Borderlands Series.

Rhys wasn’t really a core character along the same level as some of the other characters. He was one of the main characters within the TellTale Series, and didn’t really carry the outright characteristics of a Vault Hunter. Originally working for Hyperion, he found himself on the surface of Pandora after a deal had gone wrong. Unfortunately, this meant trapping the holographic afterlife of Handsome Jack in his mind. Every Time he turns around or looks the other way, Jack was there, looking for a way to bury himself deeper into Rhys’ electronic implants with the overall goal of finding himself back into Hyperion. Long story short, Rhys finds a vault at the end of the game with his partner, Fiona. Before the final answer comes though, Fiona and Rhys vanish in thin air and the credits begin to immediately roll. This is one of the reasons I strongly feel he could come back to be a main character for the game. Maybe even the antagonist, but let’s stay positive for a moment.

Onto the abilities. Rhys’ main characteristics are his arm and his eye. His eye, which is an ECHO implant, gives him the ability to scan nearly every object in his surroundings. His arm has been replaced with cybernetics as well, granting him the ability to hack into most systems and change the programming how he sees fit. Borderlands abilities tend to get a little crazy, so hacking the enemies wouldn’t necessarily be out of the question. Apart from having them attack each other, being able to actually change the appearances or even characteristic of enemies would be interesting to see, since it is something he was able to do to most robotic or electronic enemies as well. Because the arm seems rather tame compared to most abilities in the Borderland series, using his eye to scan individuals for weakness would make sense as well. Of course, this would make him more of a support character at this point. But, the possibility of shooting a laser from his eye would be cool to me. Especially, if the skill trees name was “Eye see you”.

Camron Willey

Just finishing school with a bachelors degree in Game Design, I now spend my time working between Cynosure, and my personal projects. Being a full-time military member, I try to pass the time behind the keyboard or controller. If it involves design or deep narrative, I will be there day one. You can check out my blog and smaller past times on CamronwilleyDesign.com!

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