Nintendo Switch – What we would like to know and see

To prepare for the big announcement of the Nintendo Switch, the writers of Cynosure came together to rack our brains on the release of the console and what we would hope to see in the coming months up to and after its release.

Braulio Ortiz

As probably the biggest Nintendo fan on the site, I wholeheartedly want the Nintendo Switch (NS) to succeed. This generation in gaming has been mediocre at best. The competition seems to have stalled between Xbox and Playstation. Nintendo is needed to put a fire under their asses to get things going. We saw tons of amazing titles last generation being released by the twin consoles to out-do one another, but this generation seems like a slow paced walk to the finish line to see who can sell more units. Neither camp is really doing much of anything, but re-releasing their consoles with slight upgrades. Why not just get a PC at this point? Well, I hope Nintendo brings their big guns like they did back in the 16-bit era because that is the Nintendo we need to spice up the console market.

Now that my hopes are out there this is what I want Nintendo to actually do. First and foremost, Microsoft gave gamers a way to show-off their gaming achievements and Sony followed suit afterwards. Nintendo needs to get on this right away with the Nintendo Switch. I know many, like myself, would love to hunt down trophies/achievements regarding our favorite 8-bit, 16-bit, and beyond games. Achievements and trophies add an absurd amount of replayability to any game and it helps those of us that are competitive to have a leaderboard showing us were we stack around the world. Secondly, I want Nintendo to have a sole account per person. Yes, they have unified the 3DS and the Wii U as of late, but it feels half-assed. I want to be able to buy one game and have it for both consoles. Playstation did it with their PS3/4 and Vita why can’t Nintendo? Finally, I want tons of games. Third-party, second-party, and especially first-party titles being released at a steady pace year round. This will make me want to focus on one console entirely as the console itself works as a handheld as well. As someone who commutes on the train constantly, gaming at home has become nearly impossible making the Switch the ideal console for someone like myself. Having tons of games on the go, especially virtual console (with the addition of GCN), would be an amazing way to get more buyers.

Games I want:

REAL third party support

New F-Zero

New 2-D Metroid

Star Fox without stupid controls

Dragon Quest XI

New Fire Emblem

Pokemon Snap 2 (How this hasn’t been made yet just blows my mind!)

Super Smash Bros. 4 and Mario Kart 8 ports with tons of new content.

Baten Kaitos (anything, even ports)

Adam Baca

Nintendo has always been good at delivering new and innovative ways to play video games and their latest Switch console is no exception. The motion controls of the Wii were a novelty at the time of its release and the Wii U’s Gamepad was tons of fun to mess around with, but now the Switch offers something that is quite unique by acting as a hybrid system that is both a handheld and home console. I use the word handheld loosely because the screen that comes with the console looks more like a tablet than a 3DS or Game Boy. In fact, the whole Switch setup reminds me of a Wii U done right; its tablet screen doubles as the main console and a separate peripheral. The fact that the Switch’s tablet screen can easily be detached and played as a handheld is such a genius idea that I am surprised Nintendo had not done it earlier. However, I do have a few questions about Nintendo’s newest console. My first question is what kind of protection will be offered for the Switch’s dainty screen? Second, how far can the player travel for the screen to work? Do they have to be in the general radius of the Switch or can they go anywhere without worrying about connection issues? I hope these questions will be addressed during the Nintendo Direct event next week and I am also looking forward to the list of launch titles for the system.

I am also hoping that Nintendo offers a larger selection of games this time around and breathes new life into some of their dormant franchises like Metroid and F-Zero. Moreover, Nintendo has always been good with its Virtual Consoles on the Wii and Wii U by offering games from the NES era all the way up to the N64 era. I am sure the Switch will not deviate from this and I believe it will expand on its Virtual Console with the inclusion of games from the Gamecube and Wii. I would love to see Super Smash Bros. Melee and Animal Crossing in glorious HD.

Games that I want and games that I am looking forward to on the Switch:

A new side-scrolling Kirby game

Mario Kart 8 (Switch version) plus a new Mario Kart in the future

A new Smash Bros. game in the future


Super Smash Bros. Melee HD

Animal Crossing HD

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Mother 3 (on Switch Virtual Console)

A new Fire Emblem game

A new entry in the Earthbound series (I am not expecting any miracles though)

Chrono Trigger (Nintendo DS port on Switch Virtual Console because it has more content)

Camron Willey

A lot of people are showing excitement in anticipation of the new Nintendo console. However, I am slowly finding myself in the corner of skepticism. While we don’t know much about the console right now, I can at least go over a few things. Its pretty small overall. I think the rumored numbers are somewhere around 11 x 6 inches with the controller(s) attached, making it around the same size as a tablet. It’s also being reinforced with an NVIDIA Tegra Processor, and able to push somewhere around 720p on the tablet itself. Once again, this is all rumor mill until absolutely confirmed, but apart from what’s in the actual tablet, I would like to see something in the base of the system as well. I have an NVIDIA tablet myself, and it could do impressive work, however having just that more “Oomf!” in the base of the console would be nice, especially once it transfers over to a much larger TV.

My other concern is the price point. Both the Playstation 4, XBOX One and Wii U’s basic packages are roughly 300 bucks brand new right now. My NVIDIA tablet is 200 bucks (270 including the controller). Assuming the Switch is packing roughly the same content as my tablet (size as well), I can’t see it being anymore than 300 bucks, launch game and obvious controller(s) included. However, hearing that the Switch is cartridge based makes me worry as well. Will any of my Nintendo Wii U games (or even digital games) become backwards compatible through the digital store? Or, am I going to be funneled into buying them again?

This is simply a small hint of the questions I have about this console, yet they stand out as the most important.

Let me end this with some joy though.

Believe it or not, I would actually like to see Sonic thrive. And, I think Nintendo has the potential to do so. I know it’s owned by Sega, and this comment alone will make some heads explode, but I could see Sonic excelling from the same formula that has been used with Mario. Simple story, simple levels and simple goals. Oh! And you gotta go fast. Sonic’s been extremely convoluted over the past decade and the stories only somehow get thicker and thicker with unnecessary content and, in the end, it’s really only hurt the series throughout the years. Speaking of Mario though, how about a new Sunshine or Galaxy game? Change it from Sunshine to Moonlight or something to mix things up a bit.

Games I would like to see or own:

Zelda: Breath of Wild

Star Fox

Fire Emblem

Mario Party

Mario Kart

Super Mario Galaxy 3

Super Mario Sunshine 2

Sonic (Yeah, I said it)

Adam Baca

I live in Southern California and I am a college graduate who enjoys playing video games both new and old. However, I am a very selective gamer and I tend to play games from my favorite genres most of the time, but I am still open to anything that peaks my interest. What games I can review or provide editorials for is mostly dependent on whether I can afford a certain game and if I have an opinion about the game that I wish to express. Anyway, I intend to contribute general gaming news and reviews to Cynosure Gaming as much as possible in order to inform, entertain, and unify gamers of all kinds.

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