FAST RMX Impressions

It’s still Switch launch weekend and we continue to look at the Switch’s other awesome game, FAST RMX by Shin’en.

The Good…

  • 1080p at 60 fps gameplay even during 4 player splitscreen (a vast improvement from FAST Racing NEO)
  • The sense of speed is spectacular in FAST RMX. 
  • Rebalanced gameplay mechanics (despite it being somewhat of a remake, it feels and plays like a brand new game)
  • Lots of tracks to choose from (30)
  • Plenty of vehicles to choose from (15)
  • Beautiful graphics
  • Solid foundation to the game’s online infrastructure

…the Bad

  • Sountrack isn’t too memorable.

…and the Ugly

  • I swear I get first place online and I apparently get second. Kinks need some fixing.

Should you buy it?

FAST RMX is an amazing racing experience that should be enjoyed by all early Switch adopters. Tons of content and fun gameplay mechanics deserve your money, especially if you’re starved for a new F-Zero experience. Shin’en’s FAST RMX is a steal at the $20 price point so make sure to download it right away if you haven’t already. 


Braulio Ortiz

Founder and creator of Cynosure Gaming. Has roughly 24 years of gaming experience and began gaming on the NES. After playing countless hours of Ninja Gaiden and The Legend of Zelda a new hobby was born. Since then I've owned every major console and handheld and have beaten nearly every game that is relevant to the industry. Now I continue my passion through this website and see no end to this awesome world of entertainment. PSN & NID: happydude633

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