Splatoon 2 Test Fire Gameplay

I woke up at 3:45 am to set up my Switch and laptop to record some Splatoon 2 Test Fire gameplay on March 25th, 2017 for your enjoyment. Yes, I totally kicked major squid butt making this video an even greater accomplishment besides the fact that I was sleep deprived. Enjoy!

Braulio Ortiz

Founder and creator of Cynosure Gaming. Has roughly 24 years of gaming experience and began gaming on the NES. After playing countless hours of Ninja Gaiden and The Legend of Zelda a new hobby was born. Since then I've owned every major console and handheld and have beaten nearly every game that is relevant to the industry. Now I continue my passion through this website and see no end to this awesome world of entertainment. PSN & NID: happydude633

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