More of Daniel’s Top E3 Announcements

E3 2017 was filled with great games, so much so that I couldn’t help but write about seven more titles that grabbed my attention. 

Far Cry 5

The third and fourth entries in Ubisoft’s Far Cry series arere fantastic action games. They grant the player a large set of weapons, vehicles, and abilities, which in turn allow the player to complete missions in whatever way they would like. The games aren’t without fault – the stories and characters aren’t original, and having the player climb towers to unlock parts of the map has now become an open-world cliché  – but their gameplay embodies the best bits of the action genre.  With more vehicles (planes included), the ability to recruit NPCs and animals with special abilities, and a move away from tower climbing, Far Cry 5 looks like it won’t rest on the laurels of past Far Cry games. As a bonus, the story’s setting looks potentially interesting, set in Montana at a militaristic religious cult’s compound. To be honest though, I couldn’t care less about the story in Far Cry 5. Instead, I’m looking forward to more gameplay that makes me feel like an unstoppable, bad-ass action hero.

Days Gone

Do you remember when zombie video games were a new concept and weren’t as common as white bread? Ya, me neither. But while the PlayStation 4 exclusive Days Gone sounds like it isn’t really introducing anything new to the genre, the gameplay shown during E3 was impressive. All the expected features are here: an open world, the ability to be either stealthy or loud and aggressive, vehicles in which to roam around in, and a crafting system. What impressed me about the gameplay, however, was the stealth in the game, which rewards patience and planning, and the ability for the player to use the environment in order to get a horde of zombies to attack enemies. There is still a lot to be answered in regards to Days Gone: Is the E3 demo a true reflection of the game as a whole, or of just one scenario in the game? And will the open world have enough locations, quests, and varied gameplay to keep players hooked? While Days Gone isn’t my most anticipated future title, the E3 demo at least got me thinking about the game.

Super Mario Odyssey

At Nintendo’s E3 presentation, one specific trailer opened up with a somewhat realistic-looking dinosaur looking around. Was it a trailer for the new Monster Hunter? Is Nintendo bringing back Tomba, Turok, or Dino Crisis? Nope! It turns out the trailer was for Super Mario Odyssey, a game that looks more and more awesome, and more and more weird thanks to its setting. Mario is placed in a real world, with real-looking people, cars, street lights, and buildings. The city is called New Dong City. There is apparently realistic dinosaurs, which may or may not make Yoshi question his place in the universe. And then there is Mario’s hat, which can now possess items (such as pylons, which can then be used to fling Mario in a direction) as well as enemies. If this was any other game by any other developer, it would sound like a hot mess, but Nintendo’s gameplay looks fun and the level design is creative. Oh, and in parts of the game, you can jump into walls to start going through two-dimensional levels. Now, I just need to find out where to buy a Switch…

Monster Hunter World

I’ve never played Monster Hunter, but it may finally be time, given that Monster Hunter World is coming to consoles. The gameplay showed the hunting of a dinosaur, specifically how the environment and other creatures could be used to damage prey. I’m still not sure if Monster Hunter is for me, but the series’ various systems and its depth have always interested me. The graphics don’t look great and the animations are rough, but that doesn’t stop me from keeping an eye on the title.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

A video game that crosses Mario’s world with Ubisoft’s Rabbids (itself a spin-off from the Rayman games) is probably the last thing gamers wanted, or expected, or thought they needed, but Ubisoft’s presentation at E3 showed that the game is far more than just a cash grab. For one thing, the game takes on a new genre separated from the Mario or Rabbids series, the turn-based strategy genre. The game looks gorgeous and it seems to embrace the weirdness inherent to bringing the Rabbids into Mario’s world. Early reports say that the game may play a bit like X-COM, which would be fantastic. Nintendo continues to pile on the reasons to buy a Switch.

Evil Within 2

Bethesda’s Evil Within was a strong attempt at creating an old-school horror game. It was scary in a number of ways, but its gameplay had far too many old fashioned characteristics for my liking, and at times the game’s controls and level design were frustrating. In the end, I grew tired of the game’s shortcomings and never finished it. However, I am pleased that Bethesda is giving their team another chance in the form of Evil Within 2 because the basis is there for a great horror game. The trailer didn’t show any actual gameplay, so it will be exciting to see exactly how things have changed in the sequel.

Bioware’s Anthem

I can’t help but feel spoiled when I think of Bioware’s new IP, Anthem. The trailer shown at E3 showed a beautiful world to explore, detailed graphics, and customizable exo-suits. The world can be played by yourself or with up to four friends, and the game will be supported post-launch by the developers. Even better, one of the main writers from Mass Effect is penning the script. And yet, despite all these positive signs, I can’t really get that excited for Anthem. I don’t really know what the gameplay is like, and I don’t know how the gameplay loop will be structured. Why do I want to play this game and what will keep me playing it for months after its release? That’s where the feeling of being spoiled comes in, knowing that this game will likely be amazing but may not be exactly right for me. Its a feeling that most of E3 has placed upon me, and I couldn’t be happier being spoiled with riches. The future of games look very good.

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