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E3 has always been an important week out of the year for me. Kind of along the lines of someone who would wait for the next Marvel or Star Wars film. This years was no different. Staying up til midnight and later (I live on the East Coast) making sure I was able to take in as much as I could about the latest and greatest titles to hit the stage. I wasnt dissapointed in this years E3, but I can definitely say I was expecting a little more. My list is small. Not because I didn’t like every game out there. These were simply the ones I knew I would be buying hands down, even if I did have to wait a little longer for one of them. Before I even begin, I wanted to throw out a mention to Destiny 2. This easily would have made my list, had it not been shown a few weeks prior. It just wouldn’t feel right to include it here.

The XBOX One X

Can we just keep calling it Scorpio? Obviously, this isn’t a videogame, but that’s why it’s first. It’s gonna be one hell of an upgrade, shiny, and 4K will be really pretty. Especially for my unexposed peasant eyes, but that’s not the complete reason. For years, the wife and I have been limited to a single console. For those who know, this becomes an issue when you want to play something with another person. Couch Co-op seems to be slowly falling away. We can talk about Halo dropping and then promising it again, or multiple indies titles still carrying it, sure. But, in the end, their just isn’t much out there. We play Diablo and Borderlands quite a bit, and we have a great time, but they’ve been out for a good while now. (Which, I would kill for a new Borderlands 3. I’m pretty sure that was Tiny Tina in the demo they showed off a few months back.) I know there is a hefty price tag, but sometimes you just need to buy yourself something nice. 


A lot of people seem a little hesitant about Anthem after the shaky release of Mass Effect: Andromeda. Personally, I think the game looks great and has so much potential. The opening scene was highly detailed and the characters were beautifully rendered. The people flowing through the plaza as the larger robotic vehicle(?) passed by gave a great sense of depth and feeling as if you were actually there yourself.

Hopping into the suit and watching the protagonist fly through the world has got to be one of the greatest things I have seen in a game in a while. The setting is colorful and full of life as vegetation and animal populate the world. It’ll be interesting the observe how the wildlife plays into your journeys, whether they be good or bad. The storm they showed near the end was chaotic and it was stressful to watch the protagonist rush through it for safe haven. I am hesitant of the underwater chasms though. It was shown off as a pretty big part of the demo, but something tells me there actually won’t be too much of it.

Both the suits and the player interaction were the real highlights for me though. The suits are like a weird culmination of Armored Core and Dead Space. The suit was intricate and had so many layers on it, yet you have the ability to switch out components on the fly. A companion carried a mortar on his back, while the main player carried a rocket launcher that quickly dispersed multiple rounds in only a few seconds. The suits were also distinctly different as well. One had a much heavier, tanky look while the original was a very basic streamline all around suit. If it’s anything like Armored Core’s intricate building, I already know what my plans are. Speaking of other players, they were able to drop in and out of the game without any problem at all. Granted, this could change quite a bit before the final release but the cohesion created by the teammates was great. Especially when you have multiple approaches to a battle, whether it be in the air, or above water.

Assassin’s Creed Origins

I am a huge Assassins Creed fan. Ill admit I wasn’t to big on the first Assassin’s Creed thanks to the monotony that it presented with many of its side quests, but it pushed so many new ideas, that it was hard to not see the potential. Outside of the Animus, Desmond had an extremely compelling story full of twists and turns that you couldn’t help but be interested. Ezio came around and created a prominent spot for the series over 3 iterations, the Ezio trilogy. Many people see these as the best trilogy in the series itself and its hard to compete with that. Personally, I’m a huge fany of the Kenway saga, but we can all agree that the modern world has kind of fallen through for the series. Something easily traceable to the ending of Assassin’s Creed 3. Now, we have Assassins Creed origins.

Taking place in Egypt, this is the literal ground zero for the beginning of the brotherhood. How they came to be, and why it was even necessary. Who were the templars in the beginning and what were their motives? It’s so easy to speculate so much right now, that it’s so hard not to. What we do know right now that is that it will follow Bayek, the last Medjay, during Cleopatra’s rise to the throne. We do also know that there will be another modern storyline running parallel although that could literally be anything at this point.

I do want to know how the weaponry will work though. The history has always been moving in a forward motion. Every character has had some form of an add-on or some kind of update to a prior weapon. Bayek just… doesn’t. It’s the hidden blade, a bow and arrow, and a couple knives most likely, and that’s really about it. I wonder if I will feel a noticeable difference the weaponry and abilities given to me. I can ride a camel though, so that’s cool, albeit definitely different.

Camron Willey

Just finishing school with a bachelors degree in Game Design, I now spend my time working between Cynosure, and my personal projects. Being a full-time military member, I try to pass the time behind the keyboard or controller. If it involves design or deep narrative, I will be there day one. You can check out my blog and smaller past times on!

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