TBT: Looking Back at and Forward to Shadow of the Colossus

In general, E3 is about looking towards the future of gaming, specifically what the next year has to offer for game releases. Every once in a while however, it’s also about looking back at the great games that helped shape the current state of the media. And on rare occasions, past and future combine when a classic game is shown on stage in the form of a new remaster, exactly how Shadow of the Colossus for PS4 was shown during Sony’s E3 presentation.

Little is known about the remaster other than it will deliver an expected graphical upgrade and will be released in 2018. Other than that, fans of the game are expecting the unique gameplay wrapped in sublime presentation that made the original PS2 version of the game such a critically acclaimed piece. But what else could the remaster offer other than just a prettier looking game? Let’s get crazy for a few minutes and dream big.

  • Shadow of the Colossus has gained a cult following for a lot of reasons: its cryptic story and its ties to the lore of other Team Ico games are a couple of examples. Another reason for its following is secrets within the game code itself. The game was initially set to have 24 colossi, not 16. People have delved into the game to find out that the map was initially much larger and pieces of it were snipped away for the initial release. It would be incredible to get to fight a few more colossi in a bigger map for the PS4 version.
  • After beating the original game once, players were able to unlock unique weapons via new game modes. It would be great if these weapons were offered right at the start, or better yet, hidden around the world for the first playthrough.
  • Collecting lizards and fruit earned you higher stamina and health in the original SOTC, and I’d like to see this part of the game changed up a bit. It never felt that fun gathering fruit or chasing lizards down, especially compared to fighting off against beasts the size of buildings.
  • The original SOTC forced you to defeat the colossi in a certain order. It would be great if folks who have already played the game on PS2 and PS3 had a chance to take out the big guys in the order of their choosing.
  • Video games are expensive. While it is the case that Sony is putting an effort to make SOTC look the best it ever has, it’s impossible to justify a full price tag for a game that has been re-released twice.
  • I can’t think of many games that I don’t want co-operative play in, and SOTC is no different.
  • Change things slightly, ever so slightly, when it comes to how you take down each colossus. Add new objects to the environment or move weak points for a colossus – make small aspects of the game fresh and surprising to those who have already experienced it.
  • Actually release it in 2018! Team Ico is not known for releasing games on time, but there is no excuse for showing a trailer for a remastered game and then taking more than a year to actually release it.

There you go, a few ideas for the remaking of a beautiful game. If you haven’t played it yet, it isn’t too late to give Shadow of the Colossus a chance, whether that is on PS2, PS3, or PS4.

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