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E3 2017 was a slow-burner. Anti-climactic, in fact. Not from lack of great presentations, or enthusiasm, but from content. There were few surprises this year and those few made mostly negative ripples among the community. That being said, the games I predicted to present were to be those for which I am most excited. More after the jump!


Those who know me, understand my obsession with the Wall-Crawler. Peter Parker and his amazing alter ego were, and will always will be my favorite superhero. I even consider the character a role model, and I know I am not alone. A regular person, a teenager, going through all of the terrible things high school delivers. Yet he remains steadfast in his morals. Despite losing everything he has, Peter continues to be a good person. This is one of many, many reasons for the character’s popularity.

That being said, some may–and are likely–tired of the countless reboots. But this one is different. Long-time publisher Activision is out, as well as the myriad of developers such as Beenox and Treyarch, are out. The newest title will be brought in as a first-party game developed by the Ratchet and Clank superstar team, Insomniac. Sony and Insomniac have a long, successful history, and the developer is specifically known for its whimsical animation style, bombastic narrative prowess and character development, and tight gameplay. From their aforementioned Ratchet and Clank to its most recent Microsoft outing with Sunset Overdrive, Insomniac have proven themselves worthy of the Spider-Man mantle.

In the E3 demo, Insomniac showed off the titular ingredients that make a great Spidey game: stealth, aerobatics, acrobatic combat, and of course, web-slinging. Rather than explain its contents, I will just link the capture from Marvel Entertainment.

I may be a fanboy, but I am also a critic. And while I remain cautiously optimistic, I do worry some of Beenox’s formula remains. It wasn’t bad, but it didn’t really feel like Spider-Man. I have faith in Insomniac’s skills and disposition for whacky gameplay, however, and I have a strong feeling the developer will do right by the franchise.

I look forward to what the team can bring to my favorite superhero.

Assassin’s Creed: Origins

I have always been an Assassin’s Creed fan. From the very first outing with Altair, I was enamored with the series. Even through the turbulence that was Unity and to a lesser extent, Syndicate, I have stayed a faithful (no pun intended) fan. While I have suggested Ubisoft steer away from the yearly release schedule, I still find their narrative concepts and grandiose world-building attractive enough to continue playing.

As such, Origins is more than just a typical Assassin’s Creed entry for me. Again, those who know me, understand my obsession with Ancient Egypt. I have shelves upon shelves of books on the subject. Posters of ankhs and pyramids, pendants upon which dangle the Eye of Horus. I’ve even written narrative during the time of the great military Pharaoh, Ramses II. Needless to say, Ancient Egypt has fascinated me since I was old enough to read.

This means my hype for Assassin’s Creed: Origins  is off the charts. This means a Collector’s Edition purchase. Even if I felt jaded from the series’ setbacks, or the yearly schedule, it would still be a Collector’s Edition purchase. I love this setting that much.

That being said, the promises and changes Ubisoft has made to the series regarding Origins seems quite promising to me. Combat has been completely overhauled, resembling more of the developer’s earlier success with the Prince of Persia franchise. World-building is reminiscent of Black Flag with a completely open landscape (and it is HUGE). The protagonist, Ba-yek–as much as I have seen–seems to be the Ezio-esque assassin we have needed; an actual personality, even deeper than Syndicate’s Frye twins is noticeable. Beyond that, the game just looks absolutely gorgeous.

I cannot wait for October.

Horizon: Zero Dawn – Frozen Wilds

Horizon: Zero Dawn is still slated to be my GOTY for 2017. I have played many, many games this year and nearly everything about HZD has stuck with me. Rather than drone on regarding my decisions, you can read my full review here and my plot analysis here.

That being said, the game’s first DLC, Frozen Wilds has me SUPER excited to jump back into the thick of things, dismantling new threats with new weapons, in a brand new, harsh land. The E3 discussion with Herman Hulst was eye-opening and I loved watching him talk about his passion.

It may only be a DLC, but there was something about the game that hit me quite hard (I explored this in my review) and I cannot wait for another chance to live in that world again.

Till next time, readers!

Tony Marinilli

Tony is a passionate and devoted gamer who studies, examines, and enjoys all aspects of games from narrative, script, and score, to character development, and of course, gameplay and graphical quality. He enjoys Action/Adventure and RPGs like Last of Us and The Witcher, respectively. He writes about a myriad of topics within the gaming community, including but not limited to: reviews, focus pieces such as sexism within the industry and general news surrounding gaming as a whole. If reading about hot topics and enjoy engaging conversations about games, Tony is your go-to guy. When he is not at work, writing, or eating, Tony can be found playing games.

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