LawBreakers Review – Weightless

LawBreakers is developed by Boss Key Productions, and is an objective based 5 v 5 arena shooter with anti-gravity sections located in each map. This gives the game a larger sense of mobility, making it a high-octane FPS focused on precision and speed. However, while the novelty of LawBreakers entices players early on, the lack of charm leaves the game feeling weightless and hollow.

LawBreakers consist of five multiplayer modes: Blitzball, Overcharge, Occupy, Turf War, and Uplink. Each mode feels roughly similar, with you and your team picking one of nine classes and competing for an objective in the center of the map to either hold, or take to your/your opponent’s base. Blitzball feels the freshest of the five, with teams competing for a talking ball that you then score by running it to your opponent’s base. Imagine reverse capture the flag, but the flag talks…in a really annoying voice. When booting up, the only options are quick match and custom match. Quick match allows players to jump directly into a random game mode with random teammates and enemies. In contrast, custom allows players to play a mode they desire and invite their friends. The lack of playlists in multiplayer means that players are stuck with whatever game mode RNG decides. This is annoying, as it prevents players from playing the matches they solely desire (a feature that has been implemented in nearly every modern FPS).

Objectives are located in the center of each map, where the zero-gravity gameplay of LawBreakers takes effect. In these sections player mobility is greatly enhanced, allowing for full 360-degree omni-directional movement. Learning how to properly navigate these environments to the fullest is key for victory. Matches are fast and frantic, with each player rushing towards the objective full speed ahead. Combine that with the tools each class possess to aid in their movement, and LawBreakers quickly becomes one of the fastest First-Person Shooters currently available. During my time with LawBreakers I experienced no issues with finding a match, nor any complications when in a match (save for the rare occasion where my dead body fell through the floor upon death).

Unfortunately, technical competency is not enough to keep LawBreakers fresh. There is no story, save for the descriptions attached to player icons (unlocked at random from Stash Drops) and what random information characters spout during matches. There are eighteen characters in total, divided as nine classes across the two teams: Team Law and Team Breakers. Classes range in variety from Tank-y robots that can erect defensive walls, to an assassin with a grappling hook alternate fire used to swing across the map, to medics with healing drones and more. Characters have fun tools at their disposal, but they themselves are boring. Sporting generic designs, and even more generic quips, LawBreakers lacks character in its characters.

Progression is based on experience gained from matches. Once enough XP is accumulated, players level up and earn stash drops to earn new cosmetics for characters, weapons, and player profiles. While the thrill of opening loot boxes is present, it’s rather disappointing to open a box and receive nothing but decals for when you kick an enemy to death.

Overall, LawBreakers is best played in short doses. While the core mechanics and gameplay are fun enough for a few matches, the lack of charm in modes, maps, and characters easily leaves players burned out. When everything clicks, kills start accumulating, map traversal feels fresh, and the game is at its peak. Soon after however, the dullness begins to set in and what’s left is an ultimately hollow FPS. After some time with LawBreakers, many will want a game with a cast of characters more grounded…or at least one with more character.



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