Phantom Trigger Impressions

Phantom Trigger, developed by Bread Team and published by tinyBuild releases for the Nintendo Switch and Steam on August 10th, 2017. Read on to see what I think of the first two worlds. 

The Good…

  • Soundtrack rocks. I can hear a bit of “Smoke on the Water” by Deep Purple when punching your way through enemies. 
  • Intriguing narrative that will keep you on your toes.
  • Hard as nails gameplay.
  • Tight gameplay controls with an intuitive combo system that evolves as you progressively use certain attacks. One second you’re slashing away at a close group of enemies and the next you’re dashing away to freeze/burn on an incoming mob from the other side of the screen. 
  • Beautiful pixel art within environments and characters.
  • Did I mention how amazing the soundtrack is?

The Bad…

  • The default difficulty setting is set on HARD. I’m forcing myself to play in the default settings as it’s what Bread Team wanted players to experience first. The game is tough, but oh so satisfying when defeating a certain group of enemies/boss after getting pummeled down a few tries. This isn’t really that bad for gamers who enjoy a challenge. 

…and the Ugly

  • Not a fan of the running animation.

Should you buy it?

Phantom Trigger scratches the itch that Hyper Light Drifter left me with last year through the use of an evolved combo system, an intriguing narrative, and a rocking soundtrack. Bread Team and tinyBuild have managed to create a fun, but frustrating at times challenge that makes me want to come back for more punishment. Phantom Trigger is a great addition to anyone’s game libraries and should be enjoyed by those who love hardcore indie action games. 

Braulio Ortiz

Founder and creator of Cynosure Gaming. Has roughly 24 years of gaming experience and began gaming on the NES. After playing countless hours of Ninja Gaiden and The Legend of Zelda a new hobby was born. Since then I've owned every major console and handheld and have beaten nearly every game that is relevant to the industry. Now I continue my passion through this website and see no end to this awesome world of entertainment. PSN & NID: happydude633

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