WWE 2K18 Roster Wish List

New year, new game from the long franchised WWE video game series. As a huge wrestling fan I look forward to the new roster every year. I skipped out on 2K17 because it never looked good, but I have high hopes for 2K18 and its roster. Chances are Hulk Hogan wont be in the game again, for obvious reasons, but that wont stop me from coming up with a top 5 list on who I want to be in the simulated game. 

Honorable mentions: Johnny Gargano, Tomasco Ciampa, Kenny Omega (I can dream, right?)

5) Bobby Roode: One word: GLORIOUS! Roode isn’t a Daniel Bryan when it comes to in-ring prowess, but his theme song makes up for his lack of skill. In all honesty, I want his theme song in the game more than the actual wrestler. Vlad Blanco, my CAW, can finally have a fitting song for his amazing athletic abilities. 

4) Roderick Strong: I hated this guy the second I first saw him. His theme song was annoying, he’s always smiling, and he looks like a B+ player. Then WWE released a two part short documentary on his life and I was won over. Strong seems like a cool guy and once he got a push in NXT I saw what made him special. The guy can totally “go” with just about anyone in the ring. His back breakers are incredible and I want to see this guy go to new levels once his inevitable main roster debut occurs. 

3) Macho Man: “Oooooh yeah” the Macho Man needs a spot in the roster! He’s the most colorful wrestler of all time and he had an amazing elbow drop. Macho Man has made appearances in the last few games, but he’s always apart of the DLC rosters. He needs a spotlight on the main roster now…please? “Dig it!”

2) Ember Moon: Asuka was in last year’s game as DLC and she needs to be in the main game this year. As for a debut, Ember Moon needs time to shine in video game format. She’s my favorite female wrestler at the moment and potentially of all time. Her total Eclipse finisher is the next Stone Cold Stunner. She needs the push and I want to see her in 2K18 this year, even if it means as DLC. 

1) Roddy Piper: The best HEEL of all time was DLC in 2K16 and he wasn’t as good as he should have been. This needs to be fixed in 2K18. The Hotrod needs to be in the roster, kilt and all. No other wrestler has been able to stand toe to toe against Pipper when it comes to mic skills. Please 2K, bring Pipper back. He totally deserves the recognition in the latest game. 


My top 5 consists of NXT wrestlers and Legends, how does your top 5 wishlist stack up to mine? Share your thoughts and list down below. 

Braulio Ortiz

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