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Work Time Fun, aptly abbreviated as “WTF”, is a trippy game released in 2006 for the PSP. Developed by Sony Computer Entertainment and published by D3 Publisher, Work Time Fun is basically a huge collection of minigames.

All of the minigames are presented as part-time jobs that are assigned to you by demons from Hell. Similar to Nintendo’s WarioWare series, all of the minigames in Work Time Fun are downright silly. There is one that has you putting caps on pens, and another that has you sorting chicks into boxes. It is no wonder this game is abbreviated as “WTF” because you will be constantly uttering those words to yourself every minute you spend with this acid trip of a game.

Work Time Fun offers three modes: Placement Office, Vending Machine, and Hell Cantina. The Placement Office is where you select one of four minigames to play. All of the minigames are randomized every time you enter the Placement Office or quit a minigame. Playing them nets you cash which you can use in the Vending Machine mode to purchase more mini-games, trinkets, and PSP tools. Finally, the Hell Cantina is a hub where you can connect locally with a friend to play Work Time Fun‘s minigames competitively or cooperatively.

Trinkets are just little knickknacks that you can observe in a list and do not serve any real purpose. On the other hand, the PSP tools outshine the pointless trinkets tremendously. Although their novelty wears off real quick, the tools can actually be quite useful it certain situations. For example, there is a tool to help you split restaurant bills among your friends, a light similar to the one on the iPhone, and the perfect ramen timer (yes, this is actually in the game).

I was obsessed with Work Time Fun when it first came out. I don’t know what it is, but I have an attraction to surreal video games and this one fit the bill perfectly. What I adore about Work Time Fun are its minigames because they sport their own quirky designs, giving them loads of entertainment value. Even though there is no real goal in Work Time Fun aside from playing minigames, the game still remains a guilty pleasure of mine. I give Work Time Fun credit where credit is due, it manages to put a sweet twist on the monotony of part-time work by having you do things like cutting ribbons at opening ceremonies as a drunk mayor.

And that’s all she wrote folks as there is nothing more to Work Time Fun besides minigames and tools. This cripples Work Time Fun because deprives it of any substance. Moreover, some of the longer minigames get tedious and boring. However, what Work Time Fun lacks in substance, it more than makes up for in replayablity and overall oddness. Like Katamari Damacy, the game’s main appeal stems from its odd nature which, as I made clear, is something I venerate. If you share my love for strange video games and are looking for a quick time waster then Work Time Fun is the game for you. It is still available on the PSP and became available on the PlayStation Store.

Check out some gameplay of Work Time Fun below. Video uploaded by TheReginaldProgram.

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