Golf Story Impressions

The Good

  • Remember those three-click golf games that populated the internet during the early years of Flash games? Well, Golf Story is basically an RPG based around that mechanic and the story focuses on one man’s dream to go pro. And the concept works wonderfully in its execution.
  • The three-click mechanic in question is the base of Golf Story’s gameplay: one button press to start your swing, another press to specify the power, and a final one to set the shot’s accuracy. However, the golfing mechanic in the game is much more interesting than this basic premise. You can put spin on the ball so that it will fly around obstacles as well as land in a certain way and the developers let you set a marker on the power meter so you know exactly how hard you need to hit the ball for the perfect shot.
  • So far, there are enough variables such as wind and uneven putting greens, as well as different challenges, that I haven’t come close to being bored with Golf Story. The mix between player control and randomness is perfect.
  • The game has music that repeats itself over and over yet manages to not become annoying. The visuals and menus are fantastic. Golf Story looks like a Super Nintendo game if it were made in 2017.
  • The cut scenes in the game are short, enjoyable, and witty.

The Bad

  • You’ll earn money in the game and can use it to buy new equipment. It has been nice to get some new clubs but the advantage of new versus old so far seems negligible.
  • I am enjoying the game a lot but I do worry about the end game. Will the game stay interesting for another 10-15 hours? More specifically, will the game be able to handle the balance between challenge and frustration with as much skill as it does in its first half?

The Ugly

  • Golf Story is only for Nintendo Switch and while it is a fantastic exclusive for Nintendo to brag about, it’s too bad that more gamers aren’t going to experience it.

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