Pit People Impressions

The Good

  • Pit People is a strategy game where you travel across an overworld map to arrive at turn-based battles. There is a main story that can be played solo or co-op, an arena with challenging fights and just rewards, and tons of side quests to complete. The game seems jam packed with goodness, especially for its current price. 
  • The Behemoth have carved out a unique place in the game industry for itself thanks to the humor and goofiness of their past games such as Castle Crashers and Battleblock Theatre. Pit People keeps that trend going, with jokes coming in many forms and from many places. The narration serves as the base source of laughs, but enemies’ animations and many of the over 1000 items in the game are also chuckle-worthy. 
  • There are tons of items, weapons, and enemies in the game. The variety in the game’s overworld and in battle maps is adequate. 
  • A big part of the game is adding enemies to your squad by capturing them in battle – but that is only possible if they are the last man standing for the bad guys. This creates a natural challenge: if you want the strongest foe to join your team, you have to let them live for the entire battle which means they will be delivering strong attacks the entire time. 
  • The animation and art is so enjoyable. There’s dancing buildings in the city, you’ll fight adorable poisonous mushrooms, and watch in horror and awe as cyclops eat ice cream through their eyes. 
  • From Alien Hominid onwards, the music in each title from The Behemoth has gotten progressively better. I wouldn’t have guessed that the developers could outdo their work on Battleblock Theatre but they have with Pit People’s soundtrack. 
  • The game is currently in early access but it feels like a full game. 

The Bad

  • There are tons and tons of items to use and equip in Pit People. The variety is impressive and even though many of the items have the same stats, they are visually appealing to collect (who doesn’t want a traffic light or a skeleton as their shield?). However, the equipment screen is less than tidy and frustration sets in after switching back and forth between party members and then again through the items. Hopefully a better organized presentation for the equipment screen is in Pit People’s future. 
  • Balance is an issue at times. Some fights are incredibly difficult and can take a while to complete, making it frustrating when a long battle ends up in defeat over and over again. Most items are cosmetic while a few select ones grant you huge bonuses. As for levelling, it doesn’t seem to do much at all as far as affecting the skills of your fighters. 

The Ugly

  • The game is only for PC and Xbox One, meaning that a large portion of gamers won’t get a chance to play this excellent and hilarious game.

Pit People is currently in early access on Steam and Xbox One. An initial estimate of a date for full release was January 14th, however the developers seems to be doing a bit more polishing. We’ll have a full review of the game shortly after its full release.

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