Bayonetta Switch Impressions

Bayonetta was one of the tightest character action games when it first released in 2009-2010. It’s flashy combat and tight controls made it a household name when discussing the niche genre, and would even help bring the series protagonist into the Smash 4 roster. Now with the Bayonetta Switch collection, Platinum games has allowed one of the greatest action franchises in recent history to become portable.

I’ve only spent time so far with the original Bayonetta, and it has been glorious. This is a port of the Wii U version, so players can expect the Nintendo themed costumes in addition to the wonderful amount of content already offered in the base game. Action is still as fast and frantic as before, with only minor graphical differences. I’ve so far only played the game handheld, and have not run into any stuttering or graphical issues. Sound design and cinematics are presented just as well on Nintendo’s hybrid.

Playing Bayonetta again after so long is like finding passion in an old hobby. It’s painting a masterpiece after leaving the canvas blank for years. There’s fire to it, a flame reignited in the best way possible. Tearing through angels with stylish combos to earn that pure platinum rating is one of the greatest feelings I’ve had as a gamer, and being able to take that experience with me anywhere is something truly wonderful.

I’ve already logged a few hours into Bayonetta, and I can’t wait to log in more. Bayonetta 1 and 2 are available as a physical package (with download code for Bayonetta 1) for $60, or individually on the E shop for $50 and $30 dollars (though buying Bayonetta 2 will grant a $20 discount on Bayonetta 1 for a limited time). Please check back soon for our full fledged review.

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