Bayonetta Switch Review-Witch on the Switch

Bayonetta is insane. From over the top set pieces, to the stylish action, and plethora of sexual innuendo and fanservice, the witch has made a name for herself not only in the character action genre, but to the gaming culture at large. Nine years after she graced the public eye, fans are unchained with the Bayonetta Switch collection, allowing them to take one of the greatest action franchises on the go, making it the definitive way to play.

Bayonetta is a character action game, a genre of action that relies on flashy combos and punishing difficulty. Players must use their knowledge of combos, weaponry, enemy attacks, and reaction times to swiftly defeat their foes and earn the prestigious “Pure Platinum” ranking after every battle (a feat much easier said than done). Bayonetta’s action is easily some of the best I’ve played, making it an almost euphoric experience. Stringing together punches and kicks with the vast arsenal of weapons available is a sight to behold. Factor in the Witch Time mechanic, which allows you to stop time after successfully dodging at the last second, to gain an upper hand and deal more damage for a short amount of time, and you have a game that walks a beautiful line between substance and style. Players can wield weapons ranging from samurai swords and claws, to magic imbued ice skates and rocket launcher tonfa. Combine this with various enemy types, and you have a beacon of gameplay.

Bayonetta’s story is over the top. During the campaign you’ll find yourself traversing the European city of Vigrid and the heavenly plane of Paradiso. Environments are golden cities and gardens that radiate light and color, as you explore them on your journey to retrace Bayonetta’s past in the modern day, 500 hundred years after she fell unconscious during a civil war between the light and dark witch clans. While it’s nothing groundbreaking, the narrative does offer some fun moments and is rife with setpieces, ranging from gigantic boss battles, to shoot em ups on a missile. The game offers multiple difficulty modes, ranging from Very Easy (where the game helps you block), to Infinite Climax, where Witch Time is completely disabled. Multiple unlockable weapons and costumes are scattered throughout Bayonetta, requiring multiple playthroughs of the game, so players certainly won’t be lacking in content.

 This is a port of the Wii U copy of the game, as such players have access to the four Nintendo themed costumes present. However, this also means that they will not be gaining any extra content buying this version over the Wii U one. As such, the Switch copy’s obvious advantage is its portability. I found no glaring graphical disadvantage while in handheld mode, and never encountered any obvious framerate dips or stutters.

The Bayonetta collection accomplishes its goal: a wonderful port of one of the greatest character action franchises to Nintendo’s handheld. Even after nine years, its stylish action that balances difficult AI with Player reaction and skill, lead it to be remain a hit. While the witch may not have learned any new tricks, she has definitely proven her ability to adapt.

Curious about Bayonetta? Only familiar with her from Super Smash Bros.? Want to watch us preform some stylish combos? If you answered yes to any of these questions, click here to watch our CSG Quick Look of Bayonetta one and two.

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