Xeodrifter review

Having been released on the PS4 the day Metal Gear Solid V released, Xeodrifter flew under my radar even though it was free for ps plus members. Relying heavily on difficulty, renegade kid’s Xeodrifter demonstrates that simple graphics and a simple concept can still be an enjoyable experience.


Beginning with only the abilities to shoot and jump made Xeodrifter feel similar to early Mega Man titles; however, unlike the classic series, Xeodrifter suffers from repetitive enemies. Defeating the area boss does warrant much relief as the boss fights do tend to be on the difficult side as they make you memorize their aggressive patterns they attack in. Fighting each boss is exhilarating, well the first three times at least as each fight is recycled with only a new attack added to each sequential boss.


Like Mega Man, defeating a boss rewards the player with new abilities allowing new methods to explore the small four different planets similarly to a “metroid-vania” game. Eventually you will have access to underwater traversal, the ability of flight, to even traversing into the foreground area jumping to and fro from the z-axis. Having access to all these abilities not only expands the gameplay to find power-ups that range from extra health to  orbs used for customizing your gun. The gun customization was easily the best part of the game as it allows for experimentation on the way the gun is shot. Would you rather have faster bullets over a wider area of effect? Or would you rather focus the gun only shoot diagonally? Being able to experiment with the gun’s handling made the game much more enjoyable.


Within an hour I completed 40% of the game making Xeodrifter the perfect game for an evening. Remember to explore the map carefully as there is only a checkpoint once you reach the boss’ lair making deaths a pain as you will revert back to the start of the planet even if you die seconds from reaching the boss’ door. Make sure to check out Xeodrifter if you’re looking for a short good experience that doesn’t push any new boundaries in the “metroid-vania” style of game.

*Updated on February 21, 2018 for the Nintendo Switch version.

Having this game on the portable side makes Xeodrifter an even better experience overall due to the game’s short length. This also makes subsequent playthroughs easier having it on the go. The Nintendo Switch version is easily the best version to play and an easy recommendations for the $9.99 asking price. Play it now. 

Braulio Ortiz

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