Devil May Cry HD Collection (PS4) Review-The Devil You Know

Devil May Cry built a name for itself over ten years ago by blending haunting atmospheres with gameplay that’s finely tuned and focuses around intense character action. Over the course of five games, Dante has carved a name for himself that is synonymous with high quality action games. With the release of Devil May Cry: HD Collection for current gen consoles, fans get to have the original trilogy tied together in a comprehensive package…again. For while the collection is convenient for those unfamiliar with the devil slayer’s adventures, longtime fans of the series lack little reasons to pick up this port.

The HD collection includes the original trilogy of Devil May Cry games in their entirety, remastered for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Outside of graphical updates, there have been no changes to gameplay or content (outside of Devil May Cry 3 being the Special Edition, and not the original). This means that everything plays how you remember it, for better or worse. No changes have been made to the excellent Devil May Cry or Devil May Cry 3, but the mediocre Devil May Cry 2 has been left untouched as well. All the fun and frustrations on display in sixty frames per second.

The graphical updates are nice, but they’re still PlayStation 2 games at heart. This isn’t a built from the ground up type of remaster, so models wind up looking good, but not gorgeous. The framerate remained steady during play, and felt nice. I never experienced slowdown during my time with the three games. By far, Devil May Cry 3 looks the best, which is a given being that it was the most advanced of the three games. However, this does not discredit the appearance of the original Devil May Cry, and to an extent, Devil May Cry 2. Environments still maintain their spooky atmosphere, and certain sections of Devil May Cry 1 look very impressive. Most cutscenes have also been remasterd, and look nice, though certain segments are presented at 4:3 rather than the standard widescreen format. This is a rather odd decision, but nothing game breaking.

When the action began to get intense and the music cued, I couldn’t deny that I found myself getting caught up in Devil May Cry all over again. Therein lies the previously mentioned strength of the franchise: tight character action gameplay. Dante’s arsenal still functions just as well, and pulling off stylish combos feels just as satisfying as it did over a decade ago. Throughout your jouney you’ll encounter a variety of guns, swords, and powers to use in your mission to dispatch the various demons of Hell. Enemies are varied from typical fodder to flying enemies, to one’s with weakeness that must be learned and exploited. Bosses are massive in scale, and challenging to overcome. The difficulty of these games tasks you with learning the various combos and weapons at your disposal, as well as how to best manage your devil trigger gauge to make sure you come out of fights in one piece. Various puzzle segments need you to explore the environment, allowing a breather from the action.

Overall, Devil May Cry HD collection plays the safe route. It bundles together Dante’s original trilogy, prides and pratfalls, together in one tidy package without adding anything new. It’s a great start for those wanting to see the routes of the demon hunter, but fans of the franchise are offered little incentive to return to the past. Outside of a graphical update, the lack of new content offered will mostly appeal newcomers and die hard fans. Those with only a passing interest in the son of Sparda, will likely turn to the collection released last generation.

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