Ten Indies to Play on Your Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch released just over a year ago and I’ve compiled a hefty game collection digitally with new and re-released indie titles. It’s my job to get more attention to these amazing titles so let me sell you on ten games you should be playing on the Nintendo Switch that aren’t made by Nintendo.

Mighty Gunvolt Burst

If you didn’t play this when I originally raved about it last year you most definitely should. We all know Mighty No. 9 was a big mighty number 2, but this shouldn’t stop you from one of the best Mega Man clones out there. Inti Creates uses their experience working on Mega Man 9 and 10 into giving Beck a second chance to shine and they succeed with fun gameplay mechanics that will make you replay levels over and over to get new high scores. Give Beck a second chance and you won’t regret it.

Steamworld Dig 2

Most people considered Steamworld Dig 2 their indie game of the year in 2017 for good reasons. The Metroidvania style of progression was perfected by Image Form in this long-awaited sequel. Tons of new puzzle rooms add to the game’s charming aesthetics to make a near perfect title with an interesting storyline. Now let’s hope that the inevitable Steamworld Dig 3 doesn’t take long to release.

Shovel Knight

It’s Shovel Knight, what else do you want me to say?

Super Meat Boy

Super Meat Boy continues to be a perfect platforming title that will piss you off and motivate you like no other video game ever. If you haven’t played Super Meat Boy on any console you should be playing it here.

The End is Nigh

What do you expect from half of the creators of Super Meat Boy? The End is Nigh was my favorite indie title of 2017 and it’s still a blast to run through it. If you’re not sold on Edmun McMillen’s latest game then at least give a listen to the soundtrack. If that doesn’t sell you, well, I don’t know what to say.

Golf Story

Golf Story feels like it was made in the early to mid-90’s for the Super Nintendo. Brilliant writing makes Golf Story an easy recommendation. 

Battle Chef Brigade

Adult Swim brings us one of the most bizarre titles I’ve ever experienced. You play a chef who fights monsters/dragons with daggers and magic to cook them for a tournament. Let that sink in (sorry). Beautiful visuals, high-caliber voice acting, and just good times await in Battle Chef Brigade. Pick this up if you want a witty and intelligent hack n’ slash puzzler on the go.


I’ll be blunt and say it how it is, I haven’t played much of Owlboy yet. What I have played though is phenomenal.

Fast RMX

Fast RMX is the closest we’ll get to a new F-Zero title on a Nintendo platform. Tons of content help Fast RMX become the second best racing title on the Switch (only surpassed by Mario Kart 8 Deluxe). If you dind’t pick up this Switch launch title you’ve been missing out on tons of fun times since launch.


Celeste is a fantastic game with a deep emotional storyline regarding people suffering from depression and anxiety. You follow Madeline on a quest to climb the mountain Celeste and on her way she needs to learn how to cope with her internal issues while meeting new friends. Celeste might look like an ultra-difficult Super Meat Boy-esque platformer, but don’t let that scare you away. You can adjust the game to whatever difficulty setting to help on the trickier platforming segments. If you don’t want to struggle you don’t have to, just make sure to play what is a contender to Game of the Year.

Braulio Ortiz

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