Twin Robots Ultimate Review- Quick to Malfunction

Twin Robots Ultimate Edition is a Switch port of the puzzle game Twin Robots that adds the ability to play the game with a local friend. While the game succeeds as a quick puzzle game, it lacks charm to keep players invested long term.

Twin Robots is about two robots who are put on the scrap line. To save themselves, they must escape multiple levels without being destroyed. Each level begins with one robot trapped in a compress, and the other having to free them before they both progress to the end to charge the door and leave. Every move will drain your robot’s pool of energy, making you think twice about aimlessly running around. Tiles on the floor replenish energy, but there is a finite amount of them.

There are forty levels, each taking anywhere between one to five minutes to complete (though later levels will require multiple attempts).  These fast-paced levels are great if you want simple puzzles on the go but grinding them feels more like a chore than a challenge. Industrial backgrounds greet each environment, along with the same track on a loop.  When playing co-op, one partner is stuck in the chamber, essentially waiting to come out and play. Combine this with a hunt to manage resources and playing with a partner can become frustrating. Twin Robots hides a few easter eggs throughout its campaign, but with each move draining energy players feel discouraged from going off the beaten path to discover them. Also, exploring the environment can occasionally lead to physics glitches, such as launching a box necessary for progression hundreds of feet into the air, or getting stuck in the game’s geometry.

Twin Robots: Ultimate Edition works best as a quick pick up and play puzzle game. Its challenge is moderate, but not head scratching. Its levels are fast, allowing for a few levels to be knocked out at a time, and the co-op is a fun distraction with a friend. However, when played for an extended period of time, the manufacturing errors become abruptly apparent.



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