Clustertruck Review- Big Rig Fun

Clustertruck is an intense truck based first person 3D platformer, where you must navigate obstacle courses by jumping on nothing but 18 wheelers to reach your destination. Using your reflexes, momentum, convoy, and special abilities, you must traverse the multiple worlds that lie ahead of you. These elements combined with the tight gameplay make Clustertruck an immensely addictive platformer, focused on high octane speed and skill.

Clustertruck bares no narrative, opting instead to deliver nothing but gameplay to the player in the form of various courses to complete, with each one unlocking the next. These courses are in sets of ten, with the next course afterward being placed in a new land. Worlds range from deserts, to icy lanes, to barren laser filed wastelands. While environments are not detailed, their minimalist design helps the player focus on the trucks and obstacles around them and each world sports enough changes to mark their differences.

Platforming has not only been tightened but expanded. Timing and momentum are key in Clustertruck to avoid obstacles and keep from touching the ground. Along with standard jumping, abilities have been included. These abilities are purchased from the shop using points you earn during course runs and are divided into movement and utility abilities. Movement abilities allow new ways to traverse, whether it be a double jump, grappling hook, jet pack, or other skill. Utility abilities alter the game by adding in a larger scale variable, such as spawning in a new truck, earning double points, or freezing all the trucks in your vicinity. You’re only allowed to have one of each skill active at a time, with each skill having different cool down times. This allows for different approaches to courses to maximize your trick points and speed.

Course layouts are varied, ranging from near nonexistent in the beginning, to rotating blades, to synchronized laser beams. Each course offers a new type of combination to test your coordination and speed. I often found myself coming back to levels repeatedly, despite telling myself “one last time” five attempts ago. Clustertruck does something special in that death never feels out of your control. When you die, it feels that it truly was because of something you did or did not do, and the sense of experimentation to truly understand how each course works is addicting. I found myself stonewalled for thirty minutes once, all the while enjoying every second.

Clustertruck is a great pick up and play platformer that can quickly suck you in. One course will quickly lead to one world, and soon hours will have passed. The tight platforming controls and difficulty, along with customization options that change ways to approach level, kept me always looking forward to the next course or ability I could purchase. Cluster truck is a big 10-4 for fun.

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