God of War – Day One Impressions

Nearly ten years later, and it is finally here: the next adventure of the Ghost of Sparta. Kratos, God Killer. Exterminator of the Greek pantheon. It’s only serving he take on its Norse counterpart in this next installment. The details of this exploit have been kept under wraps, save for the revelation of Kratos’ son, Atreus. Find out how the first few hours pan out, after the jump!

I played a half hour this morning. And in that extremely short time, I got a snippet of everything; graphics, gameplay, sound design, character development…and I’m just going to give it you guys straight: it’s a masterpiece. Running on my PS4 Pro and Samsung 4K HDR monitor, graphics are polished and clean, with particle effects doing what they do best in engine. I chose to favor resolution in my HDR settings and I have not regretted it.

The minutia of detail inside character and environment renders is Naughty Dog-level deep. Snow puffs around footfalls, mud leaves tracks, Kratos’ fur armor bounces when he walks. Fire bristles and brims as sparks scatter into the air. Kratos’ breath puffs as he visibly exhales…pristine attention to detail. Couple that with immaculate sound design–again, footfalls are properly ambient in respective texture, be it mud, snow, gravel, or grass–the crackle of ice from the Leviathan axe, crepitate ember from smoldering fire, leaves rusting underfoot…superbly constructed. Character development–something noticeably devoid from previous installments–sincerely shows itself in the wee hours of the game, immediately making me feel for mortal God and son, and deepening the interest into Kratos’ past.

As far as narrative, well, I’m less than an hour into it at the time of writing, so that will come later. For now though, high hopes for this game!

Tony Marinilli

Tony is a passionate and devoted gamer who studies, examines, and enjoys all aspects of games from narrative, script, and score, to character development, and of course, gameplay and graphical quality. He enjoys Action/Adventure and RPGs like Last of Us and The Witcher, respectively. He writes about a myriad of topics within the gaming community, including but not limited to: reviews, focus pieces such as sexism within the industry and general news surrounding gaming as a whole. If reading about hot topics and enjoy engaging conversations about games, Tony is your go-to guy. When he is not at work, writing, or eating, Tony can be found playing games.

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