Battle Fleet: Ground Assault

Vancouver indie developers, Mythical City Games has released their latest in the Battle Fleet series, Battle Fleet: Ground Assault. The popular World War II turn-based strategy game features focuses on land battles this time instead of naval campaigns, adding destructible environments, armor, shell types, brand new single player campaigns and an intense multiplayer mode.

The game takes off during the Battle of Normandy, where players must move troops off the beaches and to the battlefront. Battle Fleet: Ground Assault puts players in full command of each tank all the way down to the angle and distance of each mortar. Play your way as you decide what shell type to barrage the enemy, whether you choose Axis or Allies.

20 different tanks are available for the army, each one unique to each faction, with different armor, guns, mobility, and hit locations. Each tank has its own stats, from strength to weaknesses as well as a plethora of shell types to further your battle strategy. Recon planes are also available to scout enemy positions, or even rain down hellfire with deadly airstrikes.

Artillery strikes may be utilized to keep your forces safe from enemy fire as you battle across western Europe for dominion from the Axis or Allied forces.

More campaigns will continue being added throughout the year as Mythical Games plans to extend the game’s playable lifespan.

“Battle Fleet: Ground Assault has been in development for a couple of years now and we are happy to finally deliver this new installment of the franchise to the fans. While keeping the science and game design from Battle Fleet 2, using armored vehicles instead of vessels, enabled us to create an even more authentic battlefield experience,” says Mythical City Games CEO, Jedrzej Jonasz.

Each tank features realistic modelling of their real-world counterparts.

The game has been released on Steam for both PC and Mac. The launch trailer can be found below.


Play for yourselves!



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