Christopher Koep’s E3 Wishlist

E3 is almost upon us, and as such we’re sure to be amazed by new technology, information about upcoming games, and announcements of completely new ones. With this in mind, I’ve compiled a list of things I hope occur at the expo, ranging from presentations of already announced titles, to fantastical announcements that would probably kill me from shock if they ever came true. With that in mind, I’d like to note that these are in no particular order. Let’s get to it.

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Smash Switch Deep Dive

First off, Smash Switch is already going to be shown at E3 with Nintendo hosting an invitational for it. With this, we’ll likely see how certain characters and mechanics have changed, maybe even catching glimpses at completely new ones. However, I want an info dump at E3. I want to know about new modes, mechanics, online functionality, roster, and of course the release date. While I understand Nintendo needs to maintain some secrecy to build anticipation, Smash fans have been clamoring for another release, and with this entry slated to be sometime this year, I feel that a good portion of Nintendo’s E3 should be spent on Smash.

Bayonetta 3

Bayonetta 3 was announced during the Game Awards of 2017, with little to no information since then. Now that PlatinumGames’ premier witch has made her way to Nintendo’s next line of consoles, I think the moment’s right to tease us a little more. The last trailer was fully cinematic, so I think the next should either setup the stakes, or show off some brief gameplay segments. While it isn’t the game I’m most excited or hopeful to see at the show, it hasn’t left the back of my mind since it’s announcement.

Devil May Cry 5

Keeping with character action, it’s about time the white haired, red coated devil slayer made a return. Capcom has been keeping Dante in the forefront recently, with the character being in Puzzle Fighter, Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite, and Monster Hunter World, not to mention recently remastering the original trilogy of games. A few days ago the community noticed the title “Devil May Cry 5” has been trademarked. Is this a sign that we may see the devil in a red coat return? As much as I’d like to say yes, dmc5 was originally leaked far earlier during a MVCI character leak, saying that the game would be announced much before E3. Given this and the nature of Capcom, I won’t be holding my breath.

New Capcom Fighting Game

It’s no secret that the fighting genre has been booming since last year. Titles like Tekken 7 and Dragonball FighterZ have been dominating the Esports scene, and with future titles expected to hit this year it’s a wonderful time to be a fighting game fan. However, Capcom is still struggling to find its footing. Street Fighter V is polarizing to some, and with the recent poor reception to games like Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite and the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection, Capcom needs to do something to maintain it’s ground and prove its worth as a fighter. This could be done with the announcement of a new fighting game. Would it be a new entry to Marvel Vs. Capcom? A new Capcom Vs. SNK?, or perhaps a completely in house Capcom fighter? I don’t know, and honestly I don’t think any are very likely. Despite a conflicted player base, Street Fighter V still continues to draw numbers and attention, and with the recent batch of new Season 3 characters (especially the reveal of Cody), it’s a much safer and more logical bet that Capcom will be content to work with Street Fighter a little longer before moving on with other ventures. Still, I’d be excited to see the announcement of something new. Perhaps a new DarkStalkers game?

New Tekken DLC/Tekken Collection

Tekken 7 recently celebrated its first year on the market. The game is still going strong, with a strong player base, though outside of the DLC costumes as part of the anniversary, the team at Bandai Namco has been silent on where the series will be heading. As such, I believe that there will be some sort of announcement at E3 following something to do with Soul Caliber 6. I believe it will be either another DLC character (most likely a crossover fighter, as that has brought success in the past (also, most hopefully Kazama Kiryu of Yakuza fame)), or what I would love to see would be a Tekken collection: Every Tekken game from the original to Tekken 6 in one package. Specifically I want this for Tekken 3, 4, and tag tournaments 1 and 2. While this is a long shot, I think it could really scratch a classic Tekken itch that some players may have, and it keeps the Tekken team able to provide for their players without having to dump a bunch of money in new game when the current one is still going strong.

Sonic Adventure Collection/FZero/Jet Set Radio (Sega)

So what I want Sega to do at E3 is just walk out on stage in Jet Set Radio and FZero cosplay and just announce new games in both franchises/remasters of FZero GX and Jet Set Radio Future for Nintendo Switch. I’d also enjoy a Sonic Adventures collection, which would include Sonic Adventure Directors Cut, Sonic Adventure 2 DX Battle, and Shadow the Hedgehog, all for the Switch as well. Remasters and portability are peanut butter and jelly, and with the blue blur’s recent success with Mania (and resounding “Meh” with Sonic Forces) there isn’t much of a better climate to release the past games.

What are some of your hopes for this year’s event? Let us know in the comments below!

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