Kat’s E3 Thoughts

Another E3 is over and with it some good announcements, some bad announcements, some confusing announcements, and some awesome ones, too. I knew what I wanted from this year’s expo, and overall I wasn’t disappointed.

EA: SPORTS! Also Anthem

We all know that any EA conference involves sports. And racing, but mostly sports. I’m interested in neither of those things, but I was impressed by the new Forza. It looks good. I don’t trust the “demos” but at the very least it looks like a solid build your car and race through the streets of England and try not to murder any sheep simulator. The biggest thing obviously is EAs new IP Anthem. This is the first time I’d seen anything about it outside of a couple promotional photos, and I admit that I’m intrigued. I’ll need to see more before I make any real decisions, though. Shooting things in mech suits is all well and good, but I need worldbuilding and story to back it up.

Also Star Wars, probably, at some point in the future, although I could think of far more interesting time periods to make a game from than The Clone Wars (WHERE’S MY KOTOR I AND II REMAKES????????)

Microsoft: Hi guys we bought literally everyone

Really. They did.

I used to be an Xbox girl. Somewhere around the transition from PS3/360 to 4 and One I turned into a PS girl. That being said, Microsoft did have some things I liked, namely FRIGGEN CYBERPUNK 2077. BUT ALSO DYING LIGHT 2. Also Cuphead DLC, a game which I have no desire to punish myself with but think it awesome and enjoy watching other people fail miserably at. Devil May Cry V has my ear only because Hideaki Itsuno is coming back, but I have the original collection in HD so if all else fails there’s that. The Life is Strange universe spin off looks adorable, and it’s FREE, so there’s no reason for me or anyone else to not play it. Was hoping to see something for Season 2, but can’t have everything, I guess.

And of course, Metro Exodus. Give me my glorious Russian apocalypse and everyone’s favourite mute Russian Artyom. The Metro games are the only horror games I really enjoy, and I’ve read the books as well.

And to no one’s great surprise, I still don’t care about Halo or Gears of War, although I thought the Pop Vinyl spot was adorable and I’m glad that Gears V will have a female lead.

Sea of Thieves continues to be the best pirate game.

And I am DYING to see more about Sekio. We don’t have enough games set in feudal Japan and I was digging that trailer. Also it’s from the Dark Souls devs so I’m expecting punishing gameplay.

But no Fable 4. Sigh.

Bethesda: disappointment (mostly)



PREY (which I have never played and don’t intend on playing but GOOD JOB!)



Annnnd then there was some weird TES mobile game and an ENTIRE HALF HOUR talking about how GREAT Fallout 76 will be because it’s ALL ONLINE but it’s NOT LIKE OTHER MMOS GUYS IT’S A COOL MMO AND gag me. This might be an unpopular opinion but I don’t give two sh*ts about an online Fallout game. I have every single other game. I’ll be content with those, thanks.

The things I care most about are Rage 2 and, obviously, TES6. Hopefully next E3 will see more of the latter.

Devolver Digital: Hahaha, what the fu*k?

I…. what?

Square Enix: have half an hour of game trailers and pretty much nothing else

That was it? I mean… KH3 tho. AND A GAME WITH A DEAF PROTAGONIST, although I hope it’s more than just a brawler.

Still no Life is Strange season 2. Sad face.

BUT TOMB RAIDER! I mean I already knew about it but, STILL. One of the hosts on the stream I was watching said that the combat is like “puzzle combat” and I am down for that. Also arms. The game should be called Rise of the Biceps or something.

Ubisoft and Sony: Everyone is gay now. Enjoy.


I missed most of the conferences on Monday because I was at an awesome Journey and Def Leppard concert, but I got what matters.

Ubisoft has pulled a Bioware with Odyssey and I’m DIGGING IT (have you SEEN Kassandra???) and THE LAST OF US 2 THE LAST OF US 2 BABY ELLIE IS ALL GROWN UP AND NO I’M NOT CRYING YOU’RE CRYING GO AWAY.

Nintendo: Everything is coming to the Switch, also have AN ENTIRE HOUR OF SUPER SMASH BROS.

That feature was exhausting. I just wanted more Pokemon. Of course, I do resent Nintendo making me buy a Switch when I JUST got my hands on a 2DS but OKAY NINTENDO FINE YOU WIN. Lacking any more staple Nintendo games, the only things I was intrigued by were Pokemon Let’s Go and Octopath Traveler which has a stupid name but so does Bravely Default and I love it, so, don’t judge a book by its cover I guess.

I didn’t get everything I wanted out of E3, but it did get me excited for the year to come, and that’s what really matters in the end.

Kat Haas

Kat Haas is a recent History graduate living outside Philadelphia. When she's not worrying about getting into grad school she spends her time writing, or playing and modding several video game genres.

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