Mason’s E3 2018 Wishlist

With the Electronic Entertainment Expo coming up the industry is abuzz with speculation and excitement. E3 is the Comic-Con of games where devs revel in showing the press and the public tantalizing visions of the coming months. What does this year’s E3 hold? We don’t know for certain but here’s some of my personal wishes for this year.

1. Call of Cthulhu gets a release date.

For a while now Focus Home Interactive has been teasing us with the upcoming Call of Cthulhu game based on both the Lovecraft fiction and tabletop RPG of the same name. Every trailer up to this point has been prerendered footage with gameplay only leaking recently. To this day we still haven’t received a release date, just a vague 2018 release window. FHI can surprise us all with a gameplay demo and release date on stage at E3 this year.

2. Starfield gets announced.

Bethesda has been secretly working on a new project for a while now that has many fans excited about the potential this title could hold. This is the mysterious Starfield, a space-faring RPG that sits in Bethesda’s usual gameplay style. Many have speculated that the game with feature an open star system with explorable planets, customizable ships, a deep leveling system, and more. If the rumors are true this game could be an instant money printer, but knowing Bethesda they’ll announce it right before it launches, à la Fallout 4. Maybe 2018 is the year we finally take a glimpse into the new universe Bethesda has been working on.

3. The new DOOM movie gets a trailer.

Without much fanfare it seems there’s a new DOOM movie in the works. Based on a Tweet from actress Nina Bergman the film is in production and being filmed in Bulgaria. While some may recall the 2005 film, starring The Rock and Karl Urban, which was…not great, I’m hopeful that a film could work with id’s direct involvement. If they try to play the film like Hardcore Henry, an action flick shot entirely in first person (which was a badass film by the way), then it would be an awesome way to take key moments from the game and make a great action film. Or they could do a prequel film which shows how the Mars base went to shit and how Pierce opened the Hellgate. Time will tell if this film is any good but I remain hopeful.

4. Prey gets DLC

A little while ago the official Prey Twitter posted a GIF of the in-game moon with the caption “Do we really know what’s out there?”, prompting speculation on the idea of possible DLC for the game, which was my personal Game of the Year last year. Lunar based DLC sounds intriguing, maybe the Typhon have something special hidden there? In addition some Steam users have found new achievements which line up with the chorus of REM’s “Man on the Moon”, as well as a cryptic ARG that lead to a GIF that contains spoilers for the main game. The Twitter account has been pretty quiet since, more than likely saving the big reveal for the E3 conference.

5. Cyberpunk 2077 is at the show. 

CD Projekt Red, Polish dev studio extraordinaire, made its name off the Witcher series and by owning But their next projekt (see what I did there) has fans captivated, Cyberpunk 2077, an action-RPG set in a dystopian future where the player is some kind of cyber-augmented soldier. The game will no doubt feature the tough moral choices CDPR is known for, with new combat mechanics, vehicles, different planets and more to make the game stand out. Ever since it’s announcement the studio has been rather mum about the game. I think it’s time we get to see what they’ve been working on.

6. Seeing whatever ‘Shadows Die Twice’ is.

From Software isn’t shy about its niche status. They love making games that have a rewarding sense of challenge, beautiful atmosphere, and well-crafted lore. Their last two games Bloodborne and Dark Souls 3 were great games that provided hours of challenge and enjoyment. Personally Bloodborne is one of my favorite games of all time, easily a 5/5 and the reason I got a PS4. They’ve teased a new project which is simply known by its tag, ‘Shadows Die Twice’, which depicts some sort of bloodied mechanism tightening with what sounds like Asian-inspired music in the background. Many theories have cropped up to explain what game this will be, the most likely candidates are Bloodborne 2 or a new Tenchu game. Both theories hold weight and while I personally hope for Bloodborne 2, anything From Soft has me excited.

7. New VR Move Wands from Sony.

It’s no surprise that Sony is investing in its VR headset and for the most part it is receiving great support. But for all the fun games to play there is one big issue with PSVR, the control options. The current Move wands don’t have joysticks, which hinder immersive movement options. Skyrim VR is fun but I want to walk about the place and swing my sword, not teleport. Recently though, Sony put forward a patent that shows the design for controller wands, these wands have wider triggers and joysticks. But other than that Sony hasn’t said anything about new Move wands. Maybe they are saving it for E3, or maybe they were just trying to get ahead of the competition. Only time will tell.

Mason Caughron

Mason has been playing games all his life, the moment he picked up a Playstation 2 controller something just clicked. Gaming has always been special to him and he hopes to show that in his work. An amateur novelist, a college graduate, and an intellectual Mason loves to learn more about the world around him.

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