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E3 has come and gone and it was a little anticlimactic for me. While I got exactly what I wanted and what was promised to me by Sony, the rest of the conferences offered few surprises I couldn’t already see coming. I suppose that’s the fine line we trod being so engulfed in this industry. I still enjoyed watching each conference nevertheless. Dive deeper after the jump!

I’m just gonna say it; being solely a PlayStation gamer leaves little for me to be excited for outside of Sony exclusives, barring any heavy hitters like Bethesda and Elder Scrolls, or Ubisoft and Assassin’s Creed, the rest are just kind of…there. That doesn’t mean I don’t respect their existence or what they do for the industry–Super Smash Bros. is a good example. I will never knock it for its influence, but since I don’t own a Switch, or have many friends playing that genre, it leaves little for me to be excited. I’m not even going to include Bethesda’s little Elder Scrolls 6 tease in the final list, as it was barely even an environment render, created only to satiate naysayers of Fallout 76.

That being said, my most-anticipated should not come as a surprise. These are not in any particular order.

Marvel’s Spider-Man

Spider-Man has been on my radar since it was announced and I’ve longed to see more gameplay. This year, Sony pulled out the stops with Insomniac and we got an in-depth look at the wall-crawler with a story trailer and gameplay session, both of which blew me away. I have no doubts Insomniac is the perfect studio to take on the Web Head and all his nuances. I cannot wait to have the collector’s edition in my hands September 7th.

PS; I’ve had to restrain myself from attaching all the brilliant 4K screens of my favorite superhero swinging through Manhattan. Be proud of my resolve.

Ghost of Tsushima

I am going to miss the inFamous games. However, if this is what Sucker Punch has been up to, holy Samurai Batman, sign me up. I first heard of the team’s latest ambition last year and thought it was kind of an odd fit. Not in that it felt like a wrong move, but compared to the studio’s past enterprises, like Sly Cooper and obviously inFamous, Ghost of Tsushima seemed like a serious departure from the studio’s typical mood. But that is a good thing, especially in this industry–provided, of course–the game actually does well. I have strong feelings it will. 

Dying Light 2

This was actually a surprise. I wasn’t even aware Techland had plans for a sequel, despite the narrative of the vanilla game leaving it open for one. Of course, as with most every other game, it will feature choice and consequence that should reflect in the end-game. The E3 demo showcased upgraded parkour traversal, enemy types, and what looks to be a brand new location. I’m still not finished with The Following DLC. Suppose I better get on that.

The Surge 2

Deck 13’s answer to Dark Souls was a cult hit. Point of fact, I’ve never once beat a Souls game, but have beat The Surge multiple times. (You can find my review here.) Its fresh take on combat–severing limbs to obtain parts for exosuit upgrades–helped with that, and its sequel looks to bring back more visceral amputations, decapitations, unique bosses, and crisp graphics. We don’t have much detail outside of IGN’s gameplay video, so check it out! 

Metro: Exodus

Metro is one of those games that should be played in order to obtain the full effect of its prowess. Tumultuous, visceral, and resonating, these games sadly don’t get the credit they deserve. With Exodus, however, I hope that changes. Updated graphics, fit for this console generation, a new open world (compared to its predecessor’s Uncharted-like linear setup) to explore, and more irradiated beasts to kill should fill this entry to the brim with exciting moments. 

The Last of Us: Part 2

If you’ve kept up with us here at Cynosure, you’ll know my infatuation with this franchise. I wrote an entire analysis on the first one, and if the sequel can make me feel the same–questioning existence–there will likely be another analysis. All I know is the gameplay made me squeal. Just in the trailer alone, the game can be seen dealing with duality and juxtaposition. The sweet frivolity of the dance versus the utter brutality Ellie sees in her real life. I can’t wait to dive into the life-affirming story this iteration will likely deliver.

Cypberpunk 2077

CD Projekt Red has been in the game since 1994; their history a little sordid back then, they certainly have come a long way, most notably with The Witcher franchise. The series’ third outing, Wild Hunt, has solidified the studio among the greats and Cyberpunk 2077 is slated to be larger, deeper, and nudier ( yes, I said nudier) than their success with the White Wolf. Featuring a first-person perspective, and character customization the upcoming game looks like a digital version of Blade Runner. It’s definitely on my radar.

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