Midnight Deluxe Review

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Or, in the case of the underwhelming Midnight Deluxe, it is a source of pure boredom. 70 levels consist of flinging a small white square around a two-dimensional level, through tunnels and corridors, and over spikes, with the ultimate goal being to pop that square into a starry hole at the end of the level. The concepts, controls, and solutions in Midnight Deluxe never advance past the very basic and it doesn’t take long for the gameplay to grow stale.

The simplicity of Midnight Deluxe may best be represented by the length of this review, which is painfully difficult to increase past two paragraphs. Or perhaps by the game’s best feature, which is a button dedicated to resetting the level. Or by the fact that all the levels apparently share the same background and colours. Would it have been that much more work to add some variety in, well, any aspect of the game?

In short, Midnight Deluxe is a half-baked concept. Instead of including any sort of sense of progression, experimentation, or fun, the developers were satisfied with a game that is as bland as it is uninspired. Here are some ideas on what could have been included to make the game better: any sort of feedback so that the game is not a series of trials and errors; environmental destruction; different kinds of projectiles (maybe one that stuck to walls, or another that bounces more); a level creator; lasers, explosions, kittens; any sort of personality; any sense of pride or accomplishment for the player.

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