Nintendo Direct Predictions | August 6th, 2018

Nintendo announced another Nintendo Direct this morning. It’s supposed to take place tomorrow, August 6th at 3:00 pm PST. Normally I keep my predictions to myself unless it’s E3, but I feel like taking a jab at what Nintendo will potentially show off this time around. Nintendo’s presentation will be 35 minutes long and knowing them, they’ll show off plenty of games during sizzle reels and keep focus on their big titles so let’s give this a shot.

Nintendo will begin their direct by showing off what the 3DS has to offer for the remainder of 2018. This includes: Mario and Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story, Luigi’s Manson, an Atlus’ JRPG, and most likely a few niche eShop only titles to keep 3DS hungry.

This should only last about 5 minutes give or take so that about 30 minutes of the video presentation can showcase the next few months for Switch users. Nindies! Nintendo is loving the indies lately and the indies are finding great success on the hybrid platform meaning we will get a few announcements. Guacamelee 2 just released on the Playstation 4 so I believe the first game will make its way to the Switch because why not? It’s a fantastic Metroidvania will fun fighting mechanics and brutally satisfying platforming that I would welcome despite getting the platinum on the Playstation 3 and completing the game a second time on the Playstation 4.

Another indie that will get some love with be the addition of the cooperative play in Stardew Valley. We haven’t heard much about said mode, but I think this would be the perfect time to try to get gamers without a Switch wanting one to play with their buddies on their farms.

I highly doubt it, but we’re also getting a release date for Super Meat Boy Forever. Let’s hope so at least.

I’m sure other indies will make the cut, but those three will be the biggest of the bunch.

Nintendo will also speak of third party titles. They will lead the march with Bethesda’s Doom Eternal. It’s known that the game is coming the same day as the other platforms so why not let Nintendo fans know of this major third-party game? While we’re at it, we’ll also get a trailer for Capcom’s Onimusha Warlords and a Devil May Cry collection…oh oh also Resident Evil 4 because it’s the only console it’s never been on by this point in time. Resident Evil 4 would sell tons of copies. I’d easily buy it for the 5th time if it meant I can play the Krauser fight on the go.

I’m sure other third-party titles will make the cut, but I don’t know about specifics. I do foresee SEGA making some sort of splash during the Direct though.

A big get for Nintendo will be the highly-rumored Spyro Ignited Trilogy. I can see a trailer showing off the gameplay and ending with the same release date as the other consoles.

As for first party titles, Nintendo will show off a port of New Super Mario Bros. Wii U with the Luigi DLC and I would hope for a Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE port as well, but this second game is highly unlikely.

A tease for Bayonetta 3 would be a nice addition just to remind gamers that the Umbran Witch is still coming to Switch later.

The direct will hit the 30-minute mark and a new final trailer for the Xenoblade 2 DLC will be shown. As the trailer ends, Rex and Pyra are shown to be additional fighters for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. I hope this is the only time Smash Bros. makes it to the Direct to give more time to other games that are also on the way. We can have another big Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct weeks before the release date to hype up the game once again. We need more information on newer Switch titles to show off that Nintendo is not planning to slow down on the releases.

There you have it, my Nintendo Direct predictions. Most of them are reasonable I believe, so let’s throw a wild prediction out there. I truly honestly want Animal Crossing to be shown here for the Switch with a release date of January 2019. I have a good feeling inside that this might be shown, but yet again I have a good feeling about F-Zero being shown for the last 12 years at E3 so take my predictions as you will. What do you think Nintendo will show-off tomorrow?

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