Terrordrome Review-A Slashing Good Time

Terrordrome is a free to play PC fighting game. Developed by Huracan studios, the game pits classic horror icons of the 80s and 90s against one another to find out who is the strongest. The cast includes legends such as Freddy Krueger, Jason Vorhees, Ash, and lesser known characters such as Tallman, Candy Man, and Matt Cordell.

Gameplay is aggressive. Your main buttons are punch, kick, strong weapon, and weak weapon. There is also an evade button and a taunt button that give character specific buffs. For example, Ash’s taunt allows him to perform more spells from the Necronomicon or adding combo extensions for Michael Myers’ special moves. Inputs are largely fireball and dragon punch based, with supers being double motion. In addition to standard special moves, each character has a “helper” move that can be performed each round. This move acts a stun, allowing a free combo when landed. Characters have unique special moves that capitalize on their franchise (such as Ash’s iconic boomstick and spells, and Jason’s machete), while not feeling too alien. This ensures that characters can be picked up easily, yet still require a bit of knowledge to learn optimally. Combat feels fluid and fast, and the client offers PlayStation and arcade stick support, if keyboards aren’t your thing.

Terrordrome offers three modes, Arcade story mode, offline and online versus, as well as a training mode. Arcade offers the standard gauntlet run against CPU opponents, with a small scenario unfolding about the chosen character’s interaction with another member of the cast. The quality of these scenarios vary, however I still found them to be quite impressive and creatively done, such as a group of teenagers attempting to be the most famous serial killers in the world, or Freddy seeking out the Cenobytes. Versus mode is simple enough, though online vs. lacks a dedicated server so it seems. Training is pretty basic, without damage output notification or hitboxes. It simply allows you to go against a computer opponent who can’t do anything.

Despite these flaws, Terrordrome is still a grand accomplishment for indie development, and shows how hard human passion can go. Not only is the game a love letter for slasher fans, but underneath the horrifying hood lies an enjoyable fighting game. If you’re a hardcore horror fan, or looking for something different in your fighting games, I highly recommend this game. It’s completely free on the website (just google Terrordrome), and download a fighting game, that’s so good, i

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