SolBot Energy Rush Review

SolBot Energy Rush is a mobile game developed by Freakout Games in which you play as a new recruit traveling space to collect colored orbs that serve as renewable energy for Earth.

The game is top down dodging game where the objective is to collect the correct colored orbs of each level, while dodging the other colors and collecting powerups to better your time and score. These powerups range from magnets that draw good orbs towards you, to lasers that fire away the bad orbs, to shields, and so on. Tapping on the left and right sides of the screen shift the player in those directions, though sometimes there is a delay which can cause either missed orbs or crashing. Death results in either spending a key to come back immediately, or restarting the level from scratch,though since they’re very brief, I rarely found myself using keys (granted as the game progresses, the number of orbs needed to clear each level increases).There are fifty levels total, but even with the powerups gradually being added,I couldn’t find myself to play more than a few at a time.  

In between levels you’ll be shown facts about energy conservation and alternative energy research. These facts are simple, short statements and are used to gain more daily keys to continue grinding levels.  While I didn’t mind them at first, over time their simplistic nature combined with the copious number of ads I had to wade through made the entire experience feel like a chore. Sometimes just going from one menu to the other triggers three ads.

SolBot Energy Rush is a mobile game I’d classify as a time waster, with no real audience. While children may enjoy the bright colors,single song loop, easy gameplay, and simplistic messages, the bombardment of ads tests their patience. Likewise, older gamers who can sit through the ads are presented with an uninspired mobile game that tells them energy conservation messages they’ve already heard. While there can be fun had with this game as a time waster while waiting in line or for an appointment, what fun there is burns faster than fossil fuels.

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