Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek Review

Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek is the prequel to the stealth game Hello Neighbor. Developed by Dynamic Pixels, this entry aims to explain the events that led to the original title by telling a story of loss and the power of imagination. Unfortunately, a short length and overly complicated mechanics hinder the experience.

The main goal in Hide and Seek is to collect various items and toss them in a large receptacle, all the while avoiding your younger brother. To do this you’ll need to solve traversal puzzles in environments that captivate the wonders of a child’s imagination. These environments range from forests, cities, and other large sandboxes. It took me a moment to figure out my goal however, as the game drops you into the fray with no explanation. While I understand a minimalist approach to tutorials, their absence here felt frustrating, as I wandered aimlessly early on.

In between levels short cutscenes will interject the story of two siblings, brother and sister, and their relationship as they play games together. These cinematics do a good job capturing emotion and the general story beats. While the story is brief, as the plot develops its clear to see how events effect the characters which weaves an interesting tale about the loss of innocence and family.

I honestly can’t say Hide and Seek is a game I enjoyed playing. While I enjoyed the story itself, the gameplay surrounding it felt annoying and needlessly complicated for the narrative it was weaving. Combine that with its short length and Hide and Seek may have just been best staying hidden.

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