The Adventures of Torvaar Stornson, As Recorded In His Journal – Part 1

(Author’s note: I’ve been keeping an in game journal for this character using a mod since about three months in game time. The length of the entries vary but I’ll be trying to keep the length of these posts about the same. Click here for a link to my mod list.)

—Morning Star, 1st, 4E 202—

It has been three and a half months since I set off on my adventure, and so much has changed. It’s a new year, so I decided to start a journal to chronicle my adventures. I’ve grown since I left home and was robbed and left for dead by those bandits, who I took my revenge on soon after I had my strength back. I’m grateful to Alvor the smith for sheltering me and teaching me his craft. It’s benefitted me greatly.

I am a Companion, and a member of The Circle, and all that entails, as well as a talented blacksmith in my own right. Since Skjor was killed by the Silver Hand, I have been helping Aela to hunt them down and kill them. So far, Kodlak hasn’t caught on, but I have a feeling that won’t last much longer.

I am also Dragonborn, a myth and legend, or so I thought. Apparently, those stories were more real than I gave them credit for. It’s different to how the beast blood feels. It’s not angry, or hungry. It’s a raw power. It scares me. That’s why I’ve waited so long to carry out this task for the Greybeards, but it’s been long enough, and with a new year must come new changes. I will set out this morning with my companion, Inigo, and together we will retrieve this horn. I hope the Greybeards will allow me to continue with my duties as a Companion. I don’t want to be sequestered on a mountaintop with nothing to do all day but study the Voice.

I do not want this gift, but I promised the Greybeards I would get the horn from them, so I will, then I intend to wash my hands of them for as long as I can. Perhaps the dragons will go away on their own.

—Morning Star, 1st, 4E 202—

No horn. Someone took it and left a note saying to rent the attic room at the inn in Riverwood. The inn in Riverwood doesn’t have an attic room. I wonder if Delphine knows anything about this. I hope she isn’t involved. She was distant to me while I stayed there, but kind enough. If it wasn’t for the note I would say the Greybeards sent me off on a fool’s errand, but between that and how the tomb was clearly designed to protect something only those who can Shout can reach… I don’t know anymore.

—Morning Star, 2nd, 4E 202—

Delphine took the horn. After confirming that I’m the Dragonborn she returned it to me but was cryptic about why she took it. I didn’t stick around long enough to ask what her game is. I just want to get this horn back to the Greybeards and return to Jorrvaskr. Unless the Greybeards have more to ask of me, I won’t stay. No doubt they want me to train my skill. I can do that with the Companions. Each time I Shout I understand the power better. I don’t need to bury my face in musty old tomes in a monastery on top of a mountain to do that. Inigo and I will go up in the morning and then head back to Whiterun. Hopefully the plans I retrieved from the Silver Hand leader will lead us to another fragment of Wuuthrad. And hopefully Kodlak doesn’t figure out what Aela and I are up to before we’re done.

—Morning Star, 4th, 4E 202—

Something is wrong with Inigo. He’s having frequent, painful visions. They seem to be triggered by combat, and all centre around some cabin in the middle of snowy woods. The only clue he has is a place called Snowpoint Beacon close to Dawnstar. We’re camping nearby for the night and will continue on in the morning. I hope whatever this is it is nothing serious. Despite Inigo’s claims that he tried to kill me, which I still have no recollection of, he’s become quite a close friend and I’d hate to lose him.

—Morning Star, 5th, 4E 202—

Inigo’s visions were the result of a failed summoning spelled cast by a man called Langley who is the most annoying prick I have ever met in my life. Apparently, he’s been tracking Inigo for years, and Inigo is the source of some prophecy concerning a beast called the Doom Strider. Its description makes me think of the terrible siege machine Dagon summoned during the Oblivion Crisis. I hope it’s something else.

Langley and Inigo talked about his past, his parents and his brother, and he gave Inigo some books as well as his father’s journal. Inigo seems to be taking all of this in stride and is excited about his new role. At least the headaches have stopped. We got precious little information about what to do next, so all we can do is wait until Langley contacts Inigo again. I don’t fancy trekking up that mountain though. I already froze my ass off gathering eggs for that ungrateful ass. I may have accepted his apology, but I wasn’t lying when I said I wanted to knock his block off.

—Morning Star, 10th, 4E 202—

Kodlak found out about Aela and I’s attacks against the Silver Hand. He understands our grief but wasn’t pleased. He sat me down and told me the truth of how the Companions came to be werewolves. I have no issues with the beast blood, but Kodlak wishes to dine in Sovngarde. He has asked me to find the Glenmoril Witches coven and bring him their heads. I will do this for him, both for my own honour and for the honour of the old man. The Circle is divided on whether or not the beast blood is a curse or not, but I won’t let my own opinions stand in the way of another man’s. Inigo and I will set off in the morning.

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