FutureGrind Review – An Addicting SciFi Thrill Ride

First thoughts in order:

Wow this game looks pretty cool.

Wow this game is fun!

Holy crap this game is hard I want more!

FutureGrind is a SciFi themed stunt-platformer developed by Milkbag Games where you ride a futuristic bike with two vertical wheels and preform as many tricks as you can as fast as you can without hitting things you’re not supposed to. So far, I’ve found it easy (though still challenging) to complete the tracks and I’m a sucker for points so you can bet I’m going back and trying to get that platinum trophy. It has a dystopian/cyberpunk vibe to it. You do what your sponsor says, but very quickly on you’ll start to notice that something isn’t right….

The beginning is easy as you learn how the game works, but you quickly get your first real bike, whose wheels are different colours. If you don’t match those colours you blow up. If you let your balance fail, you blow up. If you fall off the track you blow up. There’s lots of explosions in this game, or maybe that was just me.

Playing on the Switch is easy and feels natural to me, possibly more natural than on PS4 or PC. Having it be handheld adds an extra nostalgic feel to it for me. I never much played any of the trick-based sports games growing up but when I did, I was very bad at them, though that didn’t stop me from having fun. The game moves fast, too. The load times are basically non-existent and instant restarts mean that if you explode you can immediately pop right back in and try again. The gameplay is smooth, the tricks are fun, and it’s a bright and colourful experience.

The options menu even has a toggle for people who are colourblind! Not many developers have that in mind, so in a game where colour is the most important mechanic, it’s good to know that Milkbag about accessibility.

The soundtrack is banging, the gameplay is addicting, and you can play for hours on end if you want or just pop on to do a couple tracks while you have time to kill. I’m definitely going to be finishing this one. I honestly have no complaints and that might be a first.


Kat Haas

Kat Haas is a recent History graduate living outside Philadelphia. When she's not worrying about getting into grad school she spends her time writing, or playing and modding several video game genres.

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