vApe Escape Review – A Fast Fun Sci-Fi Romp

I’m not very good at point and click adventure games but unlike horror games you will catch me playing them from time to time if I enjoy the art or the setting (Mechanarium, for example). vApe Escape is a comic book style point and click adventure game developed by Gamechuck where people vape, wait for it…

Gorilla brains.

vApe Escape was originally a Humble Monthly Bundle Original and is being released for free on Steam and Friday March 15th. It’s not a very long game, but when something is free can you really complain about length? No.

The game starts off in black and white and Apey as we shall call him, exhibits all the intelligence of a five-year-old (and even that is pushing it) but then you discover why people are sucking on ape brains. Suddenly everything is in colour and Apey is talking like a phD student. But you still need to figure out how to escape. I only played through one ending but there a few along with a handful of Steam achievements to collect.

The game is quirky and funny and easy to control and even though it’s short that means it’s easy to go back and play again and see what you need to do to get the rest of the endings, or to go completely off your face on ape vape.

As it is quite a short game there isn’t room to say a whole lot, but I will say this. The art style is fun; I haven’t seen comic book style point n’ clicks before. The writing is funny. Apey is a sarcastic bastard when he’s smart and silly when he’s not (he gets very distressed about a certain poster; WHY SO FLAT???)

It’s a fast, enjoyable romp through a world that might not be too far off from our own in the future. The vaping “smart” juice that is, not the ape brains. Or at least I hope it’s not ape brains. Ohgodwhatifit’sapebrains.

5/5 would vape again.

Kat Haas

Kat Haas is a recent History graduate living outside Philadelphia. When she's not worrying about getting into grad school she spends her time writing, or playing and modding several video game genres.

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