Iron Snout Review

Developed by SnoutUp Games and published by Ratalaika Games S.L., Iron Snout is a endless wave action game where you control a pig as they fight off an army of wolves. You control the pig using the left and right directional buttons to attack and the up and down buttons to jump and crouch respectively. Each stage offers new enemies with new weapons that you can wield and use against them after their wielder is defeated. As you defeat more enemies and play more you unlock various extras, such as new stages and costumes to battle in.

Unfortunately there isn’t much, outside of about five or six costumes and three stages, there’s nothing new to discover and the gameplay stales quickly There’s no plot and the multiplayer offers nothing outside of couch co-op (with the only non-horde gameplay being a simple volleyball minigame) to keep the experience fresh. After an hour or two you’ll have experienced everything Iron Snout has to offer.

This isn’t to say Iron Snout is a bad game. The visuals are bright and cartoony, the gameplay is fast, responsive, and can be addicting. The issue is this repetition becomes apparent quickly, and with a lack of new content being rewarded to the player, there’s not much reason to stick around once you’ve unlocked the final stage. Iron Snout is one pig that may have benefited from more time at the market.

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