Author: Daniel Podborochynski

Wargroove Impressions

There hasn’t been an Advanced Wars title for a while now and the developers at Chucklefish noticed. So they went ahead and created Wargroove, a game that can politely be described as an homage...

The Thin Silence Review

In The Thin Silence, you walk around the two-dimensional environment solving logic puzzles by using objects in your inventory on different things in the world. For example, the hook lets you travel past big...

Chroma Squad Review

Before I played Chroma Squad, I imagined that the game would let you design the episodes for a Power Rangers inspired show FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedin

Midnight Deluxe Review

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Or, in the case of the underwhelming Midnight Deluxe, it is a source of pure boredom. FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedin

The Thin Silence: Early Impressions

  The Thin Silence is a narrative adventure game recently released on Steam from developer Two PM Studios. FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedin

Gang Beasts Review

Gang Beasts is a multiplayer beat-em-up game where the goal is to be the last one standing. Colourful gelatinous humanoids run around trying to punch one another in the head and then toss the...

GT Sport’s Updates: Slow and Steady

When Gran Turismo Sport released last fall, it delivered exactly what it had promised. It was also considerably underwhelming. The game succeeded in its implementation of online game modes and infrastructure but when compared...

TBT: Final Fantasy XII in HD

In today’s gaming industry, remastered versions of old games seem to be as common as completely new releases. FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedin

Golf Story Review

Judging by Golf Story’s credits, the game was developed by a team about the same size as my immediate family. Otherwise there is no other indication that the game was made by only a...

Pit People Impressions

The Good Pit People is a strategy game where you travel across an overworld map to arrive at turn-based battles. There is a main story that can be played solo or co-op, an arena...