Author: J.S. Conner

Josh’s Top 5 Games of 2015

Going back to school for my teaching credential left me with little time to play video games this year (or money to buy them), so while this is technically a “top 5” list, it’s...

Lucha Underground Renewed for Second Season

My heart nearly did a plancha out of my throat when the news broke today that Lucha Underground, Mark Burnett’s noble experiment in wrestling television, has just been confirmed for a second season. FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedin

Josh’s Top Ten Favorite Games of All Time

It was hard enough for me to narrow my favorite games down to a “top ten,” so there’s no way I could ever rank these. I’ve decided to arrange them chronologically instead. Enjoy! FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedin

Journey Review: There and Back Again

My gamer cred may take a hit, but it’s best that I get this out of the way first: I was never interested in Journey upon its initial release, and thus I never played...