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Valley – A Life-Giving Review

Blue Isle Studios is not a household name. To date, the indie team has only two games under their collective belts: Slender: The Arrival, and its latest, Valley. With only 13 members, Blue Isle’s foray into the first-person...

Tony’s Games of E3

E3 2017 was a slow-burner. Anti-climactic, in fact. Not from lack of great presentations, or enthusiasm, but from content. There were few surprises this year and those few made mostly negative ripples among the...

ARMS Release Day Impressions

Nintendo’s newest IP, ARMS, released today for the Nintendo Switch and if fun is you’re cup of tea read on.  FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedin

Matt’s Top Ten Games of 2016

This is my favorite time of the year, when I get to look back on all the great publications that have been made in the world of gaming over the last 12 months. FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedin

Mafia 3 – A Review to Kill For

It’s time to reload the Tommy Guns and spruce up the cement shoes, because Mafia is back like Backstreet–except–more The Sopranos instead of frilly boy bands. Hanger 13 captures the true essence of organized crime in...