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TBT – Persona 3

Persona 3 may not be the first game to release under the Persona name, but it is the one that firmly established an identify for this widely popular JRPG series. Originating as a spin-off...

Quick Review: Odin Sphere Leifthrasir

The world’s leaders are at war for a chance at the throne to rule the world. Five complete strangers must unite to save their world from tyranny. The story is as cookie-cutter as it...

Persona 5 Delayed Until 2016

Atlus has confirmed that Persona 5 will not be releasing in 2015 as originally planned. Instead, the game will release in the summer of 2016 in Japan. 

Odin Sphere Gets Remastered

Vanillaware announced today via their website that Odin Sphere is getting a high-definition remaster in the form of Odin Sphere: Leifdrasir.

Persona 5 Available This Fall

According to Atlus’ website, Persona 5 will be releasing some time this fall worldwide on PS3 and PS4. Fans of the series have been waiting patiently for a sequel to 2008’s critically acclaimed Persona...