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Adam’s Top 5 Games of 2015

With the year 2015 drawing to a close and the year 2016 dawning upon us, it is good to look back in retrospect  at the most influential video game titles of this year. FacebookTwitterLinkedin

Josh’s Top 5 Games of 2015

Going back to school for my teaching credential left me with little time to play video games this year (or money to buy them), so while this is technically a “top 5” list, it’s...

Tony’s Top 10 2015

It’s that time of the year again! We at Cynosure are here to give you our most favorite games of this year. My picks were most certainly difficult to order, but I’ve done my...

Radioactive Review: Fallout 4

The long-awaited review for the most-anticipated sequel and perhaps the most-anticipated game of this generation, Fallout 4, is here. You may want to have Rad Away and a few Stimpacks ready. FacebookTwitterLinkedin