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CSG Quick Look: Tiny Barbarian DX

Watch us elbow drop the first stage of Tiny Barbarian DX for the Nintendo Switch. It launches on October 12, 2017 through the eshop and in physical form at your favorite video game stores.

CSG Quick Look: Metroid

Metroid for the NES originally release in 1986 and it started a sub-genre that continues to this day in the indie scene. Nintendo released Metroid Samus Returns for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems...

CSG Plays: FAST RMX New Update

FAST RMX received a new update this past Tuesday including six new tracks in two new cups for the single player campaign. Come watch what might the coolest tracks in the game. 

CSG Quick Look: Forma.8

Forma.8 recently released for PC on Steam and it releases on the Nintendo Switch next week. Watch our gameplay video to know why you need to play this immediately. 

CSG Quick Look: Sonic Mania

SEGA, with the help from Christian Whitehead, released Sonic Mania for all current-gen consoles on August 15th. Come check out the first two zones of the game and let us know if you plan...