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Garage-Bad Trip Review: B Movie, A Game

Garage-Bad Trip is a Switch exclusive top down horror twin stick shooter developed by Zombie Dynamics and published by TinyBuild. Heavily inspired by B-movie horror films of the VHS era, the game follows drug...

Paratopic Review

We distract ourselves to overcome mundanity. We go on road trips. We listen to talk shows. We ramble on in conversations. We watch movies and videos. We take drugs. We deteriorate with intent. We...

TBT Review – Penumbra: Overture

It takes a special kind of atmospheric dread to maintain a player’s constant state of tension and unease despite no real danger ever being posed.  This accurately describes both Penumbra: Overture’s greatest strengths and...

Silent Hill 2 Review

A malignant curse. A deceased wife. An esoteric letter. A nebulous town. One distraught man. FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedin

SOMA Review

Throughout my first playthrough of Amnesia: The Dark Descent, I was equally enthralled and horrified. FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedin