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FullBlast Review – One Forgetable Flight

A common aim for many indie game developers is a provide a modern gaming experience that evokes a sense of nostalgia for the retro games of yesteryear. Unfortunately, many of these same developers make the...

Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony Preview

Killing Harmony is the newest entry from the minds of Spike Chunsoft in their brutal and sadistic Danganronpa video game franchise, a series of visual novels that center around high-school aged kids being trapped...

October 2015 PSN Flash Sale is now active

The October 2015 PSN Flash Sale is now active in the Playstation Store, with discounted prices on various games spanning Sony’s current gaming canon: the PS4, PS3, and Playstation Vita.  FacebookTwitterLinkedin

Summers final PSN flash sale kicks off!

For those looking for a little motivation to spend some hard earned cash, the August 2015 PSN flash sale is now active across the board until August 24th. FacebookTwitterLinkedin