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Persona 5 Review

Very few games can deliver a long story that continually surprises, introducing new plotlines, characters, and complexities that add depth to the narrative. Even fewer can do it while sneaking in a satisfying combat...

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Review

More and more it appears as though indie game development has become the vessel of innovation for the medium; whereas the AAA market consistently grows into one of familiarity. FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedin

Dishonored Review

The popular allure of stealth-based gameplay in recent times most likely stems from the industry’s growing interest in providing players as much freedom as possible. FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedin

BioShock – Necessary Limitations

In a previously-published article, I mention how the difference in sentience between Super Metroid’s Planet Zebes and BioShock’s Rapture is a direct result of the impact the player has on each of their environments....