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TBT: Burnout 2: Point of Impact

You blister down the city streets at sunset, muscle cars trailing behind you. You’re almost towards the finish line, with first place directly in your grasp. You expertly drift along the turns and burn...

GT Sport’s Updates: Slow and Steady

When Gran Turismo Sport released last fall, it delivered exactly what it had promised. It was also considerably underwhelming. The game succeeded in its implementation of online game modes and infrastructure but when compared...

TBT – Hydro Thunder

Hydro Thunder is one of those arcade games you never forget. Its inception was on the cusp of decline of physical arcades and rise in popularity of home consoles. To this day, it remains...

CSG Quick Look: F-Zero X

F-Zero needs to make a comeback to Nintendo consoles. Watch F-Zero X gameplay and help us spread the good word. FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedin

CSG Plays: FAST RMX New Update

FAST RMX received a new update this past Tuesday including six new tracks in two new cups for the single player campaign. Come watch what might the coolest tracks in the game.  FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedin

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Battle Mode Gameplay

Watch me play all the new battle modes using new characters and watch me play 4 courses to see how much the game changes with the ability to hold two items at once. FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedin

F-Zero Review-Futuristic Racing at its Best

The year is 1990 and Nintendo’s latest home console, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, was booming with new IP’s and sequels to beloved franchises from the NES era. F-Zero, one of these new Nintendo...