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Devious Dungeon Review

Originally developed by Ravenous Games, Devious Dungeon is the latest iOS game with the help of game developer and porting company Ratalaika Games to make it’s way over to the Nintendo Switch. While I haven’t...

TBT: Final Fantasy XII in HD

In today’s gaming industry, remastered versions of old games seem to be as common as completely new releases. FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedin

Golf Story Review

Judging by Golf Story’s credits, the game was developed by a team about the same size as my immediate family. Otherwise there is no other indication that the game was made by only a...

TBT – Persona 3

Persona 3 may not be the first game to release under the Persona name, but it is the one that firmly established an identify for this widely popular JRPG series. Originating as a spin-off...

Golf Story Impressions

The Good Remember those three-click golf games that populated the internet during the early years of Flash games? Well, Golf Story is basically an RPG based around that mechanic and the story focuses on...

CSG Quick Look: Project Octopath Traveler

Sqaure Enix released a Project Octopath Traveler gameplay demo that shows off the game mechanics on what you can expect in 2018 for exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedin

Phantom Trigger Review

  A 2D action game, Phantom Trigger’s combat provides the player with three types of attacks to help take down enemies FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedin